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We Care to Make a Difference


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At Thomson Reuters, we look at Corporate Social Responsibility as Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion (CR & I) and believe that it lies in sharing of skills and resources with the communities where they live work and do business. . We strongly believe that inclusion is a key driving factor of engagement and this thread runs through all our programs. All our activities engaged are aligned with Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 with a focus on Education and Vocational Training, Gender Equality, Livelihood Enhancement, Environmental Sustainability, and Contribution to Technology Incubators. We follow a three layered approach, which is holistic in nature- Employee Engagement, Community Investment Programs and Volunteering.


Employee Engagement

Under Employee Engagement, we have very strong and able bodied Global Volunteer Networks, which primarily drive all our volunteering efforts cutting across all the office locations. Their efforts revolve around designing volunteering activities, lending support to local projects and developing long lasting relationships with all our community partners.


The Community Investment Programs primarily focuses on employees’ personal charitable giving and fundraising efforts, which are matched accordingly by the company up to $1,000 per year. Our employee volunteerism is supported ably through the Volunteer Grants program, wherein each employee that gives a minimum of 20 hours to a charity of their choice, the respective charity receives $500, which can go up to $1000 for a maximum of 40 hours contributed per year.


Volunteering is considered of utmost importance at Thomson Reuters. In order to facilitate and propagate a strong volunteering spirit, the company allows every employee to give their 2 days of work time towards social causes of their choice. Our employees come with diverse set of skills and we know that they are keen to explore opportunities outside businesses to apply their skills and expertise. In 2016, the target set for volunteering was 1, 20,000 hours and the employees overachieved this, by clocking 1,35,000 hours. For the year 2016-17, we focused on 8 projects reaching out to 18,000 beneficiaries, spanning across 16 locations with fund allocation of 2.2 crores.



Under education, we work towards supporting the public schools and resource centers with infrastructural facilities like classroom designing, to create a more pleasing and conducive environment for learning, setting up of libraries to inculcate the habit of reading in the students and supporting the equipping teachers with different creative learning aids like flash cards( alphabets) and educational charts. Collaborating with Youth For Seva, 4 slum study centers (Abhyasika), were supported in Hyderabad, a student-centred environment, completely hassle free , helping the students better themselves at crisis management, to find solutions to the difficulties faced in their surroundings. In collaborating with Parikrma, Thomson Reuters is involved in sponsoring a class of 30 students to take care of not only their academics, but also 70—80% of their nutritional requirements, health care and family welfare for a year.


With respect to engagement with SMEs and Gainful employment, Thomson Reuters organizes a yearly activity- 100 Hours to Financial Markets, which has two pronged objectives:

  • To equip young people from Tier 2 colleges with the skills they need to find employment
  • To create a skilled workforce that could potentially form a talent base for Thomson Reuters and other firms in the financial sectors


As part of ‘100 hours to Financial Markets’, the staff members from the Financial & Risk team in collaboration with the Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion Council and Talent Acquisition Team develop specialized financial content for commerce students to become better prepared to join the mainstream financial industry along with sessions on essential soft skills. This program also aims at creating strategic partnerships that are in line with our business goals to enable sustainable business growth and maximize external connections. Being a holistic program, this aims at absorbing the students’ part of the program as prospective employees of Thomson Reuters and other multinational firms. The programme led to over 70% of the students being hired by multiple companies including Thomson Reuters.


Social Upliftment

Under social upliftment, our employees are actively involved in raising funds through trail walkers and marathons to help organizations working at grass root levels address real social issues like poverty and hunger. We are also an active part through volunteer engagement activities with organizations that take care of the Midday meal scheme in the government school system. Thomson Reuters has been collaborating with Parikrma Humanity Foundation, in sponsoring a class of 30 students to take care of not only their academics, but also 70—80% of their nutritional requirements, health care and family welfare for a year. Through engagement with Apne Aap’s Women Collective- Project Udaan, which focuses on prevention of intergenerational cycle of prostitution among the daughters of women in brothel based prostitution in Kamathipura, Mumbai. A total of 78 girls will be supported and provided holistic development with a focus on education, health services, financial empowerment, recreation and shelter.


Rural Outreach

As part of rural outreach, Thomson Reuters worked closely with Rotary South West Bangalore and SELCO Foundation. Through the intervention with the former, solar lamps were provided to students in class 8, 9 and 10 to support their after school learning and education at home. In 2015-16, this project was initiated in 4 schools in and around Bangalore. In 2016-17, the project has been expanded to 2 schools in Hyderabad. The project with the latter, involved in providing sustainable energy solutions and work towards poverty alleviation. Sustainable energy solution lamps will be provided to over 500 households impacting about 2,500 beneficiaries in 7 districts which are in close proximity to Bangalore.


Health & Sanitation

As part of health and sanitation, our employees are actively involved in Health Camps organized for the government school children and also impart awareness sessions to promote benefits of personal hygiene and heath. Students are trained on basic etiquettes like brushing teeth, hand washing, using of toilet and soap facilities at the schools. Further, initiatives are planned around assisting the government hospitals on the polio immunization campaign in the upcoming months.