Synopsys Shares


The establishments of Synopsys in India are wholly owned subsidiaries of Synopsys Inc Mt. View, California, USA. Synopsys in India started its Bangalore operations in 1995. Today Synopsys in India is represented by Synopsys (India) Pvt Limited, the R&D arm and Synopsys (India) EDA Software Pvt Limited which caters to local sales and pre-sales activities in the region. The culture within Synopsys India is one of technical competence, people centered management, individual empowerment and pleasant work environment.



Synopsys India funds mobile science vans through Agastya International Foundation in rural areas. Liaison with Agastya, the annual science fair ‘Anveshana’ is conducted where engineering students collaborate with government high school students to create innovative models to address real life problems. Synopsys also sponsors global summit for teachers at Agastya campus.


Parikrma Humanity Foundation

Synopsys launched a hands-on science programs named ‘Universe2U’. Synopsys supports a theme based annual science festival for schools where students from many schools team up with Parikrma students to get mentored by the top scientists in the country. Besides, Synopsys also sponsors a classroom at Parikrma.


Global Volunteer Day

A full day annual activity by employees who personally contribute to major causes like refurbishing school, orphanage or home for children with special needs, planting saplings, making bird nests, career counseling etc.


Synopsys as a company and the employees have always contributed significantly during any of the natural disasters by donating blankets, distributing food, or contributing through fund.


Twice a year blood donation camps by employees save lives of hundreds of needy people. More than hundred employees participate various marathon events to raise funds for various non-profit organizations.


Synopsys believes helping education to under-privileged is one of the best possible ways to give back to community. Annual note book drive helps more than 25,000 rural students where employees personally visit the primary schools and distribute to the children. To help various non-profit organizations and schools, Synopsys donates more than hundred refurbished desktops, laptops and printers to help improve the education or operations. As partner with Light For Education program, Synopsys provides solar lamps to rural students.


The list goes on. For almost every employee fund donation drive, Synopsys provides matching contribution. Whereas the fund donation from Synopsys and employees is just one part of the community relations, there is a lot to add from employees for their time and energy too during the activities.