Sealed Air Creates Shared Value


Sealed Air Corporation creates a world that feels, tastes and works better. In 2016, the company generated revenue of approximately $6.8 billion by helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals in the face of today’s biggest social and environmental challenges. Our portfolio of widely recognized brands, including Cryovac® brand food packaging solutions, Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning and Diversey® cleaning and hygiene solutions, enables a safer and less wasteful food supply chain, protects valuable goods shipped around the world, and improves health through clean environments. Sealed Air has approximately 23,000 employees who serve customers in 171 countries. To learn more, visit


Sealed Air believes creating cleaner and healthier environments is of paramount importance. Our Diversey Care division is globally recognised for its smart, sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene, food safety and infection prevention. Being the industry leader, we have been re-imagining and standardising the cleaning industry in the country, through the integration of science and technology-enabled training, connected services, and systems.


Healthy Environments with Science of Clean

When developing cleaning technologies, we understand the balance needed between the safety during use and efficacy for sanitation and infection control. We remain at the cutting edge of new technologies that combine higher levels of performance, responsible consumption, and increased safety and reduced environmental impacts.


Today, with our vision of creating a better way for life by providing livelihood and bringing dignity to cleaning and hygiene profession in India, we have embarked upon Garima- Diversey School of Hygiene, India a CSR program to improve and standardise the skill sets for this important but ignored industry. Name for this initiative has been derived from a Hindi word “Garima” meaning dignity.



The initiative enables fulfill following objectives:

  • Employment – helping unemployed youth find jobs and a better living condition
  • Science of Cleaning – bringing scientific approach to the cleaning profession and enhancing the standards of the cleaning industry
  • Dignity – helping the industry bring dignity to the job of cleaning professionals by positioning them as “hygiene technicians” instead of janitors


Since January, 2016, team has been piloting this initiative (Garima- Diversey School of Hygiene, India) in 6 states of India, providing training to more than 600 candidates. Upon the successful completion  of 27 sessions, the initiative was formally launched amongst media and our key customers in February, 2017.


“Our team has embraced this mission of corporate social responsibility,” said  Himanshu Jain, VP Indian Sub-continent and South East Asia. “Sealed Air India is expanding the Soap for Hope™ and Linens for Life™ programs to create shared value with community in which we operate. We are also focused on providing standardized skills training and a trained workforce to our customers. This will help us create job and address two of the pressing challenges faced by cleaning industry in India- lack of scientific approach in cleaning and trained manpower”.


While talking about the ambitious Skill Development Initiative, Himanshu said, “It is a difficult job, but it will have far-reaching impact on the society and our industry. We have started to bring standardization of cleaning skill by starting Garima-Diversey India School of Hygiene.


Dr. Ravikant Singh, Co-founder & President Doctors For You (the NGO Partner of this initiative) says, “Garima is one of the very few initiatives that is focusing on placement, I do not think we’ve had any batch without 100% job placement. Under the Garima project, we have trained youth from the urban slums of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai as well as rural youth from the valleys of Kashmir, to Bihar and Kokrajhar in Assam.


Now, we are planning to expand the Garima project further, by training 5000 youth in 2017.


Soap For Hope™

Millions of children and their families around the world live and work in slums, in dire poverty, with very little or no access to soap. How can Sealed Air Diversey Care help?



Sealed Air has launched a soap recycling program using discarded soap from hotels which is made into reconstituted bars of soap. These are then distributed to households in poor communities that do not have access to basic sanitation and healthcare. Access to soap is the easiest and most cost-effective way to provide basic sanitation to these communities.


Recycling used hotel soap is not a new idea; however, the costs are usually high due to collection, shipment, a centralized reprocessing plant and redistribution. Through an innovative but simple cold-press method that is easy to operate, Soap for Hope™ decentralizes and brings the initiative to communities that are located near partner hotels.


Our Soap for Hope™ program focuses on 3 core objectives:

  • Saving lives – enabling hygiene through providing access to soap to communities who need soap but have no access
  • Providing livelihood to the local community through recycling and reprocessing soap
  • Helping hotels reduce waste by turning used soap into something useful again


How it Works

Soap is recovered from Sealed Air hotel customers which are Soap for Hope™ program partners, and then transported to a local site where residents reprocess it using an innovative but simple cold-press method. The cold-press method includes the use of a 120 gram soap press made by Sealed Air, or a 500 gram soap press made by The Full Belly project, to form the new soap. The new soap is then transported to communities in need and distributed, thereby eliminating waste, improving hygiene and creating new jobs. One of the key aspects of our program is community involvement. All projects are run directly by local nonprofits and employ underprivileged community members to do the work, giving livelihood opportunities to those who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance. Doctors For You is the NGO partner of Soap for Hope™ initiative. To know more about the NGO partner, log on to


The recycled soaps from Soap for Hope™ are distributed during WASH programs where the children are taught healthy practices of hand washing, oral and body hygiene practices, and basic public health awareness. The soaps are also used in the promotion of immunization programs where they are gifted to encourage immunization among urban slum children. The soap recycling is conducted in four facilities in major cities. The Sealed Air India team manages the program by ensuring the regular pickup of soaps through reverse logistics to establishing a consistent process for sending impact report and feedback to hotel. Integrating WASH project well in company’s CSR Policy, under Soap for Hope™ umbrella, Sealed Air India supports the WASH intervention led by Doctors For You.


Soap for Hope™ is just one example of how we bring together our business and societal commitments to create shared value with a diverse group of partners. Learn more about our other sustainability initiatives that create a better way for life for our customers and the communities they serve.