RRD Reaches Out


RRD is a global, integrated communications provider, with a 42,000 strong workforce across 28 countries enabling organizations to create, manage, deliver and optimize their multichannel marketing and business communications. We have an extensive customer base of 52,000 clients across industries in private and public sector, an unmatched portfolio of capabilities and a proven management team with the financial flexibility allowing investments in innovative technologies and growth opportunities to meet communication challenges.


An organization becomes truly global when they aspire to change lives of the disadvantaged. Through various initiatives designed to help the needy and create a better environment, RRD has endeavored to bring positive change not just within but outside RRD as well. We believe growth must be inclusive and equitable opportunities are facilitated for every section of society in everything we do, whether in our employment practices or in outreach programs.


Our successes arise from the individual actions of the employees who strive to make a difference by engaging in activities that support this kind of growth.


Launched in 2009, Reach, our Corporate Social Responsibility wing’s driving principle is uniquely designed to focus more on interventions based on mobilization of employees to make lasting differences in the lives of the disadvantaged. The sole focus of Reach has been to nurture and develop the community we are part of through initiatives focused on education, health and wellness, environment and social upliftment.  Reach enrolls volunteers across various CSR activities which give the employees a strong sense of engagement with the community.  Over the years we have gained ground by empowering our employees to drive multiple activities that improve the livelihood of people, their community and the natural environment.


Here’s a glimpse of the lives we’ve touched and the difference we’ve made in 2016.


Education with Special Focus on Women’s Empowerment

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. At RRD, we strongly believe education is the best means for transformation. Majority of our activities involve support in the form of basic education, provision of school supplies and renovation of schools with old infrastructure.


Our flagship program, RRD CIP (Corporate Internship Program) launched in 2009 trains children from less privileged backgrounds on corporate skills like MS office, language and communication skills, basic grooming and etiquette.  Seven teenagers from an NGO based out of Mumbai, aged 16-18 years, attended the program in 2016 at our Chennai office. The NGO works for rehabilitation of children.  Overall 70 children and adults have been trained through this program since its inception.


NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) Foundation launched the NDLM (National Digital Literacy Mission) program in February 2015. This program teaches the essentials of Internet, Email and Social Media usage along with e-Governance, e-Commerce and Internet security. RRD believes in this cause and aligned with the vision by conducting programs for members from our housekeeping and security teams.  This year we are expanding the program to include relatives and friends of this group.


RRD is passionate about women’s empowerment and was one of the companies that was quick to realize the importance of diversity and gender equality and launched Women’s own Network (WoN) in 2008. WoN focuses on establishing a level playing field for women across the organization and provides them with the tools and support to pursue their goals. This year an internship program was designed for 14 commerce students from M.G.R Janaki Women’s College. They were trained on the basics of MS Excel and business communication and given an extensive introduction to finance and accounting work.  A tailor-made session on business etiquette and professional conduct helped the students understand the corporate environment.


Health & Wellness

While on one hand we raise awareness about the need to stay healthy within the organization, on the other hand we also engage and pursue opportunities that help us improve the quality of life for those in need.


RRD in collaboration with Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Center and MDRF conducted a Diabetes Prevention Program that saw 500+ employees signing up to be screened for the risk of diabetes.  This program also included treatment and prevention plans.


In an effort to improve general wellness, Reach organized health camps covering BMI, BMD, Blood Pressure, Eye-Sight, Dental Health and a general consultation for our employees.  A lifestyle management session in collaboration with Prashanth Hospitals and a three day fitness program, in collaboration with Fitness Positive, gave the employees an opportunity to understand how simple lifestyle changes and practicing yoga, cross-fit, mixed martial arts and zumba could help them lead a healthier life.  RRD routinely organizes blood donation drives across sites.  Our Trivandrum office also conducted a program for boys in the age group of 10 – 18 years from The Government Special Home for Boys, Poojappura, who are vulnerable to drugs and tobacco usage. Our volunteers educated them on the ill effects of drugs and tobacco through videos, a skit and a poster competition.


Social Upliftment

For RRD’s Global Community Connect day, which is a special event conducted globally each year, Chennai, in partnership with MERT30, cleaned and painted Kamraj Colony Welfare Center where free tuition classes are conducted for almost 30 children of the colony. This building was severely affected during 2015 floods and our volunteers gave the building a fresh look.  Volunteers in Trivandrum visit a home for destitute children in Poojappura every weekend to help them with their studies, while the Colombo team spends time with children from the Maw Sevena Orphanage.


RRD employees spend time volunteering for various social activities and events conducted by diverse non-profit organizations. Our employees help the NGOs manage and execute these activities successfully. 41 volunteers took part in the second annual KIDS CARNIVAL conducted by MERT30 & MELC100. This event was organized for underprivileged children from different schools and institutions as a medical camp and fun event. Our volunteers managed the game stalls and performed mime shows and spent time entertaining the children.


Round Table India celebrated Children’s Day with a program called Tare Zameen Par – an art competition for under privileged school children.  Close to 1,000 children participated in the competition from various schools. 31 volunteers from RRD got themselves immersed in this event and managed all the activities from setting up the space to assisting the children and cheering them.


A donation drive was initiated across RRD for victims of the Sri Lanka flood and for victims of the Puttingal Fireworks tragedy.  Our Back-to-School stationary drive benefitted over 1000 children.


The initiatives we design, the events we support and the activities we volunteer for have created awareness and made a difference.  The 4589 volunteering hours in 2016, across all our four locations, have bettered the environment, living conditions and livelihood of the world around us.  We take these actions not because they are in our job descriptions but simply because we care, we want to create positive results in the world and have the avenues to do so.