To Lead is To Serve


Kemin combines sound molecular science with the human qualities of creativity, curiosity and collaboration to improve the lives of humans and animals around the world.


Using superior science, Kemin manufactures more than 500 specialty ingredients that deliver important nutrition and health benefits through products consumed by people and animals.


“We have a responsibility to return to our community and the world a portion of what we earn from our endeavors and that of the people who work with us.” – Mary Nelson, Co-Founder, Kemin Industries


December 2015, Chennai experienced centuries’ heaviest rainfall leading to floods. The nature’s fury took hundreds of lives leaving thousands of people uprooted from their homes.


Kemin India has rolled an internal campaign joining the efforts for the relief and rehabilitation of the city. Employees contributed a generous sum of INR 5,00,000 which is matched by the company to serve the city. Overall we have a contributory fund of INR 1000000 plus. In addition to this relief grant we have pledged to support the community through volunteering activities in association with Habitat for Humanity, a global NGO.


Kemin recognized this opportunity to give back to the community in the need of the hour.


We have 30 plus employees who volunteered to be at the sites doing actual work for one day (8 hours) apart from monitory contribution.  We are supporting three projects through our contribution and volunteering efforts. The sense of corporate citizenship, social responsibility and engaging ourselves with local villagers/children, families provided Kemin a “humble” experience and inculcated a sense of “Servant Leadership”, the concept with which we also operate within our business.


Project 1: Improving Life by Improving Sanitation

RCM is one of the oldest schools started in 1939 located near Tambaram. Kemin is supporting in rebuilding sanitation facility for girls damaged during the floods. The school serves the education need for 1000 students with 500 plus girls from neighbouring villages whose parents are farmers, quarry migrants, daily labourers and construction workers.


Kemin has planned to reconstruct a new toilet block for the girl students. We have also planned Behaviour Change Communication training to help school children with proper sanitation habits


Project 2: Restoration and Reconstruction of Child Care Centre

Kemin has taken a Child Care Centre located at Vysarpadi run by NGO. The child care centre of approximately 250 Sq.ft has 30 children from Pre-school age of 2.5 to 5 years from different walks of life. Its focus is on holistic development of a child by adopting play way method of teaching and joyful activities.  During flood, water reached upto roof, resulting in damaging walls, toilet, children learning and play materials.


Kemin project envisages reconstruction with kitchen facility, child friendly toilet with ventilation, black board  and water recharging initiatives.


Project 3: Improving Quality of Life by Repairs and Renovation

Kemin has planned to implement a long term shelter intervention program in Erumaiur, a village with 350 families located near Tambaram. We have identified 6 damaged houses. Unfortunately the main earner of these families had lost their lives in flood. We are supporting these families by repairing their houses ensuring they have a safe and durable home.


ll in Nepal -18

In addition, Kemin India along with Kemin HQ decided to serve to rebuilt Nepal after a massive earthquake hit the country with the epicentre approximately 70 km away from Kathmandu. It impacted by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake. This was the worst disaster to hit Nepal in decades. Only 17 days later a second earthquake of magnitude 7.4 hit near Mount Everest, taking more lives and destroying more homes. According to government estimates, the earthquakes left over 750,000 houses and buildings destroyed or damaged and caused over 8,790 deaths.


Kemin decided to serve Nepal earthquake victims through raising donations and rebuilding houses in Nepal. The Nelson family, founders of Kemin, decided Kemin would match employee donations to help rebuild Nepal. Through donations from hundreds of employees from all over the world, we raised $91,346.54. Kemin and Habitat for Humanity joined forces and sent 40 employees across the world to Nepal to help build homes in 2016 in Nepal, Bipaltar, Kavre District for about one week in Nepal in November, 2016. Kemin employees joined this venture for 3 full days by offering volunteering activity and time to rebuilt Nepal.


Employees were involved physical labour work with Habitat Humanity team like by performing, bricks passing, stone breaking and masala mixing, etc. along with community people in the village of Kavre districts. We recognise the humane need and served it, irrespective of region, race and alike.