SAP + itelligence Run Together


Incorporated in 2012, a SAP Platinum partner, we are one of the leading provider of SAP services and solutions in India. With over 500 employees, we have provided SAP Implementation and support services to more than 300 customers, from 6 different industries, delivering more than 350 projects globally, which includes Consulting, Hosting, and Managed Services.


R&D and Innovation at itelligence – itelli Labs

We take a pragmatic approach to delivering SAP solutions to enable our customers’ business. We’ve created specialized practices equipped with a state-of-the-art SAP innovation lab to take business people on a personalized visual tour of business transformation possibilities enabled by the latest capabilities of SAP.


Our ongoing investments in R&D, focused on SAP and emerging technology areas such as IOT, are being made under its ‘itelli Labs’ initiative.  The itelli Labs provide our delivery teams and clients with a number of capabilities such as value added solutions, industry solutions, POCs, etc. Some of the innovations developed by itelli Labs are as follows:


Value Added Solutions

  1. Quality Management Cockpit:
    The quality management cockpit is a web based application which has multiple display and transaction functionality. This application will provide an enhanced view of SAP quality management results in a mobile, user friendly and actionable interface. The set of Fiori applications allows for quality managers to post results recording, create notifications, execute the notification process, certificate of analysis, and any approvals needed. To facilitate quick decision making on the shop floor the solution provides dynamic analytic reporting on quality relevant items such as vendor defects, and inspection or notification aging analysis.
  2. it.Customer Portalit:
    it.Customer Portal is designed to provide B2B customers with a robust customer dashboard. It facilitates fast access to relevant information required by customers to manage their purchases, payables and real time status of their orders. It gives customers a self-service experience with access to information about any sales order. Designed using Fiori to provide better customer experience, it.Customer Portal is a fully functional HTML5 web portal built on the HANA cloud platform and can be integrated with SAP ERP.
  3. It.Vendor portal:
    A robust application based on the SAP ERP system, FIORI, and UI5 for Suppliers. It facilitates fast access to relevant information by the suppliers and enables suppliers to carry out certain transactions from the portal which reflects back in the SAP ERP system of the customers. Can be implemented in on- premise as well as in HCP platforms.
  4. it.Resume Database Solution on HCP:
    Resume Database is a HCP based Java application for creating and maintaining employee’s Resumes. A Cloud (SCP) Solution, developed using most popular technologies like Spring, Hibernate and SAP HANA It has options to enter and search Micro Verticals of an Industry, various Reports for Managers / Admin / Resource Management group, periodic reminder e-mails to employee to update their resumes, and dashboards to Admin / RMG for high level overview of skill matrix available at Org Level.
  5. iMAP – Manage & Assign Personnel:
    It is a HCP based Java application that eases search process for resources. It helps in assigning right resource to the right opportunity or project.
  6. it.Commission:
    Based on SAP FIORI and UI5, it.Commission is a fully functional HTML5/UI5 application built on the HANA cloud platform designed to integrate with SAP ERP.
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Industry Solutions

  1. it.Manufacturing:
    A robust manufacturing solution that enable manufacturer to improve operational efficiency, maximize production uptime, and increase real-time visibility. It enables manufacturers to view embedded management reports for effective decision making, optimize productivity and effective use of resources and assets, advance and accurate forecasting and planning, higher inventory turnover, allow management to make workload or forecast changes and send them down through their organization, improve quality and reduce variation through corrective actions that identify defective products, boost plant performance and profitability
  2. it.LifeScience:
    A comprehensive pharma solution that efficiently manages narrowing margins, declining drug pipeline, price-sensitive markets while adhering to regulatory compliance. It enables pharma companies to streamline the operation process for various functions, increase operational effectiveness and productivity, optimize efficiency and manage compliance Integrated solutions, global adaptation of best practices, improve batch tracking management, manage advanced order fulfilment and inventory functions, and efficient measurement of KPI’s.
  3. it.EC&OA:
    A property and construction management solution that mitigates intense pressure to increase profit margins, deliver projects on time, and control operational costs while meeting customer requirements. It enables customers to gain greater project profitability through insight into execution and productivity, enhance agility due to timely information analysis for optimal decision making, improved project performance through transparent historic project data and benchmarks, increase stakeholder collaboration throughout all phases of the project.


Skill Matrix – Continuously Learn & Innovate

Our motto is to empower and enable our employees to continuously innovate, and deliver asymmetric advantage to our customers.  In order to achieve this, we have built a culture of continuous learning at itelligence.


The skill matrix aims to objectively define and map a particular job role with the relevant set of skills and their description. This outlines the minimum expectations from each role holder and should be used as a guideline for bridging the gap between the current skill proficiency and expected proficiency for each role. This matrix acts as a ready reference for skill development inputs and identifies the Individual Development Plan. Supervisors refers to the matrix to help their team members in charting out their growth path more effectively.


Tech-Talk is aimed at unfolding various aspects of different technologies, processes, tools, domains etc. These sessions will be managed by a team of internal experts who will deliver, delve and deliberate on myriad topics. Quarterly training calendars are announced, which are in line with the internally developed skill matrix for each role. These include diverse programs catering to the technical and ‘non-technical’ needs of employees.


Education for Girl Child – A CSR initiative

itelligence believes in education is the key to empowering women and girls, which helps bring about social equality. To support this, we regularly come up with programs and initiatives that support girl child education and spread its awareness. This year we participated in RUN for a CAUSE…EDUCATE a GIRL CHILD event in collaboration with the NGO Sewabharathi in Hyderabad.