Driving Real, Measurable, and Sustainable Impact

in the Communities Honeywell Serves


Honeywell is a Fortune 100 software-industrial company that delivers industry specific solutions including aerospace and automotive products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes, and industry; and performance materials globally. All of Honeywell’s global businesses have a strong legacy in India, built over the last eight decades. Honeywell’s India commitment is evident in seven state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering operations, and five global centers of excellence for technology development and innovation. Honeywell employs close to 15,000 people across 50 locations.


Honeywell is committed to improving the world we live in by creating, supporting, and nurturing programs and initiatives that make real, sustainable, and measurable impact on communities that Honeywell serves. The cities, towns, and villages where Honeywell has operations and where our employees live and raise their families are not just addresses to us – they’re our hometowns.


In 2014, Honeywell India took the lead in re-anchoring our country’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach guided by the Indian government’s new Companies Act 2013. Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation (HHSIF) was set up as a not-for-profit entity that marries the Indian government’s CSR schedule with Honeywell’s global CSR framework. We were among the first companies to comply with the government’s CSR schedule, maintaining the legal, financial, and process rigor that Honeywell is known for globally.


Under the ambit of HHSIF, we invest in relevant partnerships with public and not-for-profit institutions of global repute, apply the same rigor and business tools that we use in the workplace, and build outstanding programs that deliver results we can quantify: one community, one home, one teacher, and one student at a time. We deploy our CSR efforts in five critical areas: Science and math education, Family safety and security, Housing and shelter, Sustainability, and Humanitarian relief.


HHSIF creates opportunities for Honeywell volunteers to contribute time and effort via various CSR activities that are managed and delivered locally in and around Honeywell India sites. It also has a highly transparent and rigorous process to bring new partners on board.


Funded by six Honeywell India entities HHSIF is driving three outstanding and well-established programs in India. These programs are driving sustainable impact among rural, peri-urban, and urban communities in the country.


Educational Program to Make Pune a Safe Kids At Home City

Safe Kids at Home: Honeywell India in partnership with Safe Kids Foundation (SKF), launched Safe Kids at Home, a home safety program to help prevent and reduce burns and scalds among children under 14 years old, in Pune. This program is backed by an extensive IMRB research on the occurrence and severity of injuries children in this age group suffer at home. The program deploys cutting-edge, experiential, and fun educational tools targeted at different age groups, to reach 425,000 children and 250,000 parents by 2018. The program does not stop at safety training for children alone, but children become a pivot for bringing citizens and civic agencies together to drive a strong safety culture in the city in line with the Indian government’s 100 Smart Cities vision.


From a single city to an entire country:  This program is helping create 60 model safe schools in Pune which not only adopts the Safe Kids at Home curriculum but offers extensive fire safety training to students, teachers, support staff, and parents. These schools will also have the right equipment and signage to deal with fire emergencies. This year the program received nationwide recognition with Chief Fire Adviser to the Government of India, recommending the Safe Kids at Home curriculum for use by fire departments across 36 states and union territories in the country on the National Fire and Evacuation Drills in Schools Day.


Making a difference every day: “The Safe Kids at Home program has really made a difference in making us understand how kids can get injured. Now, we have the knowledge to prevent burn and scald injuries to our daughter,” said Aarti, a housewife in Pune.


Providing Safe Water Access to Communities in Regions Suffering Groundwater Contamination

Safe Water Stations in Telangana: Honeywell India in collaboration with Safe Water Network India (SWN), a not-for-profit organization, is setting up 60 safe water stations in Telangana from 2014 to 2017. These stations will provide safe water access to more than 200,000 people in areas of Telangana that suffer acute shortage and groundwater contamination, including from fluorides, which cause widespread health problems. These water stations are owned, operated, and maintained by local communities. These safe water stations use world class multi-stage reverse osmosis treatment system to remove contaminants and dissolved solids; deploy cutting-edge remote monitoring systems and process rigor to ensure less than two percent downtime; and ensure engagement at all levels of the targeted community for social, financial, and environmental sustainability. Water ATMs have recently been installed at many sites to allow any time dispensing via RFID cards. Twenty liters of water can be fetched through RFID card for five rupees. Some of these stations are also powered with solar panels that make clean drinking water available even in the absence of grid power.


Driving greater impact: SWN has recently collaborated with Medak government to launch the district’s first safe water station, to be funded by Honeywell India. Honeywell’s contribution to the state has been recognized Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association award for CSR in 2017.


Making every drop safe to drink: “Before we used tap water and the children would suffer from diarrhea, throat and stomach infections. Daily life was tough. These safe water stations have given hope to my family,” said Kalyani, a woman from Warangal district.


Bringing Transformational Education to Economically Disadvantaged Students

Honeywell Science Experience: Honeywell India and Agastya International Foundation (Agastya) have partnered to launch Honeywell Science Experience — an integrated learning program designed to cultivate curiosity, nurture creativity, and instil confidence among middle and high school students in government schools. Honeywell India will support 15 science centers, 13 mobile science labs, and 1,850 young instructor leaders (YIL), benefiting more than 63,500 students and 1,500 teachers in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Pune from 2016 to 2019.The program aims to spark, nurture, and instill these qualities to help develop creative-thinking and problem-solving abilities in children. Through its uniquely scalable, hands-on teaching-learning methods, it aims to foster child and teacher participation in experiential learning, and boost science education. It is vastly different from the typical rote-based learning system that discourages questioning and student-teacher interaction.


Shaping next-generation innovators and scientists: “Honeywell’s science lab makes learning fun,” said, Shifa, grade 10, Government Urdu High School, DJ Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka. “Honeywell Science Experience program has instilled confidence in me and I remember all complex scientific experiments,” said, Alok Sharma, Class VIII – A, Government Senior Secondary School, Khandsa, Gurgaon.