Creating Better Together


Griffith Foods is a product development partner specializing in food ingredients, serving global and regional food companies worldwide. We’re committed to helping our customers succeed through true, collaborative innovation. Who we are, how we help our customers win, and what we do are all driven by our Purpose – We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World.


Foreign Direct Investment

What good is a company that doesn’t do good? Offering a great product or service and excellent customer service should always be pillars in the foundation of any business, but can a business also help make the world a better place?


Griffith Foods Inc. (as Griffith Foods Private Limited, located in Bengaluru, India) is a food product development partner in the perfect marketplace to contribute to the greater good. Every day, millions of people around the world consume the products that Griffith Foods assists in creating. From foodservice and other food manufacturers to retailers and distributors, Griffith Foods has helped the largest and most influential businesses in the food industry develop some of their best-known products


Griffith Foods is improving the food industry through its commitment to shared value and the  company’s purpose: blending care and creativity to nourish the world.


At Griffith Foods, we work with our customers to create solutions that are as unique as their opportunities and challenges. We closely collaborate with our partners from the beginning of the product lifecycle, providing consumer insights, creating innovative culinary concepts, applying our product development expertise, ensuring quality through sensory testing, and delivering through final production of your products. Everything we do is tailored to our customer’s needs – whether the goal is to differentiate through distinct flavors, textures or appearance, achieve cost savings without altering critical attributes, increase your healthful offerings, or gain functional advantages such as shelf life and yield.


Rural Outreach & Skill Development

Griffith Sustainably Sourced (GSS) programme is a key enabler under Griffith Foods Inc.’s Sustainability platform.  With GSS, we have been working in 11 villages in the state of Telangana for 4 years and training our Chilly farmers to adopt Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and buying the crop directly from them.


Our farmers are taught Sustainable agricultural practices. This has helped them to reduce the quantity of pesticides used by 66% and to optimize the cost of cultivation. Farmers get better price for the produce by elimination of middle-men and delivering superior quality. They also benefit from fare trade practices promoted by Griffith Foods.


Farmers are trained in adopting Integrated Pest Management, Farm-waste management, proper application of the fertilizers and proper drying techniques which helps in reducing post-harvest wastages.


Griffith’s field team regularly trains farmers in GAP and also monitors the crop keeping records on GPS enables devices.


We enable the farmers to avoid burning of farm wastes and to put them back into the soil. This helps enriching the soil and reducing air-pollution. Open wells are fenced and wildlife is not harmed. We have also set up Drinking water projects and regular Health checkup camps in these villages as part of giving back to the community. All our farmers are Group-Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) Certified indicating that they follow Sustainable Agricultural Practices.


Social Upliftment – Feeding Bangalore Foundation

When you have the means and the ability… also have a responsibility to those who don’t have them.


The seed of this thought germinates into a ‘Mission’ throughout our offices of Griffith Foods Inc. and through that into our community feeding program- ‘Produce for Hunger’, which ably and generously supports the Bangalore Food Bank and its 54 feeding partner NGOs in the city of Bengaluru. The resultant Social Returns on Investment resonates in the hearts of our employees and our corporate friends, market suppliers, manufacturers, and all concerned hearts to feed nourishing meals and give hope, thereby…..’giving back to the community’, of which we are all a part of. Produced for the hungry and serviced with a smile……that’s the way to do it.


Feeding Bangalore Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under section 7 of the Companies Act 2013. It acts as a facilitator and intermediary service to distribute food between those who might have surplus or that which might be wasted due to any reason, and those who need it to survive. The Bangalore Food Bank was initiated on October 2014, under the chairmanship of Mr. Shyam Mohan – MD and President of Griffith Foods for India & the Middle East. The central goal of the food bank at Feeding Bangalore Foundation, is to source and salvage food in the form of grains, oils, pulses, spices, or any food product that has shelf stable life and make this available by delivering it directly to those who struggle to stretch their rupee.


The world produces enough food to adequately nourish everyone. However a lot of what is grown, produced, processed, manufactured, may not get consumed due to various reasons such as poor harvest, post-harvest loss, product disposal due to expiration, over production, damage, marketing, and other business decisions. It could be due to inadequate tax creatives, or even poor co-ordination amongst the government public and private sectors.


Food banking is acknowledged world over, as an innovative and technology driven initiative to alleviate the  woes of malnutrition and hunger in any country, with a replicable delivery system to strengthen this food mission and its efforts to end hunger, and with concentrated efforts, to break the vicious cycle of poverty.


Feeding Bangalore Foundation serves 54 community owned agencies (NGOs) in Bengaluru. They include homes for the abandoned, special needs persons, homes for the aged, homes for street children, schools for children of parents with low income, homes for children of migrant laborers and any agency that serves the poor and needy. Our feeding partners comprise of more than 15,000 persons.


And yes, we can’t feed nor support them on our own. We receive generous support form like- minded individuals and corporate organization like  Grant Thornton, Britannia Industries Ltd, Neo Foods, Sodexo and Bank of America and Food World Bengaluru, to name a few.


Food Banks address the issue of extending the supply chain of food organizations, making it possible to extend this line into an effective distribution of its intended purpose, which is feeding people, long after it has lost its commercial value, albeit through a philanthropic arm.


Feeding Bangalore Foundation has its warehouse in Doddaballapur – Bengaluru. We have been given warehouse space by the offices of Griffith Foods Inc. in their own LEED’s certified facility warehouse. We adhere to strict food safety and nutrition as per certification rules and standards.