Genpact Cares


Genpact (NYSE: G) is a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation for our clients, putting digital and data to work to create competitive advantage.


At Genpact, giving is a way of life and we have institutionalized a culture of giving among our leaders, clients, partners and our large workforce of people. Together we generate social impact through a number of global platforms, programs, projects and social initiatives. In 2016, Genpact Cares initiatives spanned 16 countries, including 15,500+ unique volunteers, 65,500+ volunteering hours, 15,000 payroll donors, 24 client partnerships and 16 long term NGO partnerships.


The CSR projects at Genpact fall under three core pillars, which are aligned to our strengths and expertise, and include causes our employees are passionate about:

  1. Education & Employability
  2. Women’s Empowerment
  3. Sustainable Social Impact


Women’s Empowerment

Genpact focusses on enabling the inclusive growth and education of women in the communities where we operate. This is a topic that is close to our collective hearts and is evident through the plethora of initiatives that our employees undertake around the globe each year. Our partnerships with non-profits and other institutions encourage women to push their boundaries, therefore helping them and their communities grow stronger every day.


Projects under women’s empowerment:


Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme

In India, education of girls and women continues to be treated with discrimination and neglect – particularly their higher education. According to current transition rates, a girl who enters her final year of primary education (typically Class V) only has a 54% chance of starting Class XI. This does not include the girls who drop out during primary school or never attend school at all.


The highest percentage of girls dropping out of school happens between Class X and Class XI.  Only 68% of girls who enter Class X move on to Class XI (NUEPA 2015). Moreover, only 6% of Indian women (above 15 years) are college graduates.  Currently, out of every 100 graduates, only 38 are women (Census 2011). In an effort to change this reality, Genpact partnered with Udayan Care to support the higher education of girls through the ‘Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program’ (USFP). The USF Program was initiated in 2002 in Delhi with 72 girls but has now expanded to Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, and Hyderabad and enables higher education of 400+ meritorious girls from underprivileged backgrounds. Since inception, USF has supported over 4400 girls from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds.


The objective of the program is to help girls become empowered citizens of the country through the realization of their potential and honing of their skills. This is done by providing girls access to advanced education, personality development programs, vocational training and technical courses at various levels.


As a partner of the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program, Genpact sponsors the college education of girls in the higher grades of government schools, whose family income is below Rs. 90,000/- per annum. Genpact also believes in actively contributing towards their counselling and personal development and organizes regular interactions with them. The ‘Udayan Shalinis’, are welcomed to the Genpact campus every month for personality development sessions and mentoring workshops with the senior leaders in the organization. In the near future, Genpact along with Udayan care aims to link the beneficiaries of the USF program with a skilling program at Genpact called ‘Reach Higher’, a program that focusses on improving employment opportunities for underprivileged youth by honing their employability skills.


Genpact Centre for Women’ Leadership (GCWL)

Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership at Ashoka University is a reaffirmation of the company’s commitment to Diversity. With a vision to drive gender-inclusive growth that empowers and promotes women’s leadership across sectors in the country, Genpact partnered with Ashoka University to create and launch GCWL. Through GCWL, our aim to create an ecosystem of knowledge, resources, and advocacy that will help create the next generation of women in leadership roles. 200+ women have already participated in GCWL’s research projects and leadership sessions so far.


Training & Preparation of Women athletes with OGQ

Genpact is committed to the cause of women in leadership across a spectrum of arenas and takes several steps for their advancement in both the corporate sector and outside. To further this aim, Genpact has partnered with the Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) to support 10 Indian women athletes in their training and preparation for the Olympics. P.V. Sindhu, the first Indian women to win an Olympic silver medal was one of the 10 athletes supported by Genpact, as part of the OGQ program.