Helping India Build its Infrastructure


Fluor Corporation is a publicly owned engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction organization. The company employs more than 60,000 personnel worldwide and maintains offices in over 25 countries. The company has been operational in India since 1995 and currently employs approx. 3,400 personnel.


Fluor’s corporate citizenship is focused on four strategic areas: Education, Social Services, Community & Economic Development and Environment. Since its inception 60 years ago, Fluor and the Fluor Foundation have contributed millions of dollar worldwide in support of the communities in which it has a presence.  Fluor India has been an active participant in community programmes for over a decade through its Fluor Cares employee volunteer program.


In 2016, Fluor India volunteers supported 31 CSR projects with the help of more than 700 volunteers who contributed ~7,000 volunteer hours to benefit the underprivileged in multiple domains.


Amongst the key projects executed were:



Teaching: Project Saksham is the longest sustainable project of Fluor Cares India, with 35 volunteers contributing 2000 hours for imparting 8,000 hours of computer & STEM classes. This project covered underprivileged children between grades four to ten in last 3 years. In addition, Fluor successfully completed ‘Adding Wings’ project to impart English, Health and Life skills to 700 underprivileged kids in two communities. Fluor India has been devoted to improve the state of education of underprivileged communities so that the people from these communities get equal opportunity and they can raise their self-esteem.


Meals: Under-privileged students often go without adequate food and improving the nutrition levels of kids can be an enabler in improving attendance levels in schools. In accord with this, Fluor in consultation with the nutrition consultant provided 12,000 hot and nutritious meals for more than 130 school children in association with NGO Aman Biradari over the entire year.


Backpacks: Fluor India provided support to underprivileged children who lack in resources but are committed for education. Under Building Backpack Futures, 669 backpacks were distributed filled with academic stationery requirements and books for the needy students. School noticed improvement in student’s attendance later to back pack distribution indicating rising interest in education.


Laboratory equipment and classroom infrastructure: Fluor has been actively involved in improving classroom and laboratory infrastructure of undergraduate engineering institutes that have students enrolled from underprivileged society. On an average INR 4 million has been donated towards providing computers, CPU machines, drafting equipment, Auto-CAD software etc.


Social Services

Blind Students: Fluor supported 120 students of the All India Confederation of the Blind’s school in Gurgaon navigate the world better with improved facilities such as talking software, desktops, and building Infrastructure material including access to clean Power from Solar PV panels and back-up system


Differently Abled Children: Fluor participated in Delhi Half Marathon to support two causes for differently abled kids – therapeutic services for special children, and braille resources for the blind. To support these causes, Fluor witnessed largest participation this year with 160 runners fundraising INR 7,76,000 through individual donations. Under the banner of ‘Mission Humanity’, this event received huge participation and enthusiasm from both volunteers and beneficiaries.


Blood Donation: 3 camps for employee blood donations were arranged for thalassemic patients in collaboration with 6 blood banks and 2 NGOs. A record high of 774 employees donated an equal number of units of blood in a two-day event. To facilitate this camp, more than 160 volunteers ran a sustained campaign to raise awareness about the cause.


Medical Camp: A total of 250 volunteers from Fluor New Delhi Office organized and managed 24 camps of the “Doctors at the Door Steps” project run by Mahavir International, a non-governmental charity. The project provides free medical consultation and preventive and interventional eye care at the door steps of under-privileged individuals deprived of normal medical care and sustenance. 6500 patients were screened by general practitioners, eye surgeons and ear, nose and throat specialists and offered medicine. 85 patients were detected with cataract and provided medical support for surgery and post-operative care.


Community & Economic Development

GCPF: Fluor India is proud to support two projects under Global Community Project Fund. By providing clean drinking water in old age home, Project ‘Neer’ supports 450 people to fulfill their water needs. Clean water is a basic need of humans which is not available to underprivileged communities, resulting in bad health and sanitation issues. As part of this project, a water tank is storage tank and a water filter unit is installed to serve the drinking water requirements of the community.


Women Self Sufficiency: Fluor India promotes all-round community development by strengthening and upgrading the infrastructure of NGOs working for various segments of society such as women, children, senior citizens, and the economically disadvantaged.  Fluor volunteers reached out to NGOs to identify their needs. As a result, Fluor distributed a paper sublimation machine to Literacy India, a nonprofit organization that promotes women self help groups earn a living by themselves.


Jaipur Foot Camp: As a global company in tune with the communities in which it operates, Fluor recognizes how important it is to ensure that people have access to basic needs. This year again, Fluor Cares India, in partnership with Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti (aka Jaipur Foot), organized a camp of Hope & Joy, a two day event that fitted 200 custom-made prostheses manufactured in a mobile workshop onto needy recipients in this veritable Collective of Optimism. Fluor also contributed in improving the productivity of the manufacturing of prosthesis by supplying new equipment.



Triangular Park & Sector 43 Park Upgradation: More than 100 Fluor volunteers have been involved in cleaning of litter from the park and planting new trees and shrubs. Fluor has also sponsored the park by providing funds for improving the park infrastructure.