First Solar

Ensuring a Sustainable Energy Future in India


First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems using advanced module and system technology.  First Solar Power India Private Limited (FSPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of First Solar, Inc. has been present in India since December of 2011. Our business activities in India include (a) sale of modules to 3rd parties and (b) development of utility scale PV solar assets.


With over 1.2 GW of modules installed base in India, in 2014 we commenced project development, and have successfully completed the commissioning of 200ac MW projects in the states of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh, and are currently executing 6OMWs in the state of Karnataka.


The Government of India, put a vision of a more sustainable energy mix to address the energy security and sustainability concerns that loomed large. It set a target of 100GW of solar capacity by 2022, and further signalled its intent to scale up renewables in the energy mix by signing the COP-21 declaration in Oct 2016, where India became the 62nd country to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change. Decarbonizing the energy sector, which currently accounts for approximately two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. Given this objective of sustainable development, and as solar PV emerges as a mainstream energy source, the environmental performance and impact of PV technologies is becoming increasingly important. And, at First Solar, we accomplish this by incorporating sustainable business practices. We have increased our technology and manufacturing efficiencies to produce solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and projects with higher energy yields and lower environmental impacts.


In 2016, First Solar, in India, celebrated a significant milestone by becoming the first thin film PV module manufacturer to achieve the 1 GW milestone of PV solar capacity shipped to the country. While, the developed utility scale PV asset capacity of 150 ac MW’s produces enough electricity to power 260,500 average Indian homes and displaces 234,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.


First Solar’s thin film cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic (PV) is the industry’s leading eco-efficient technology, which:

  • Requires no water to generate electricity and uses less water on a life cycle basis than most alternative sources of energy generation (First Solar thin film PV has the lowest life cycle water use of all solar technologies and uses up to 12 times less water than other solar technologies on a life cycle basis)
  • Has the smallest carbon footprint and fastest energy payback time of all solar technologies on a life cycle basis
  • Our fully integrated manufacturing process uses less energy, water and semiconductor material than conventional silicon modules
  • Provides 5-9% annual energy yield advantage over competing PV technologies in areas of high temperature and high humidity resulting in a lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)


Responsible recycling further reduces the environmental life cycle impacts of PV modules. First Solar is committed to responsible product life cycle management. We take into account the environmental impact of our products and utility-scale solar projects throughout their life cycles; from sustainable raw material sourcing and responsible manufacturing and construction, to providing a cost-effective recycling service for PV power plant and module owners.


We aren’t stopping there, in addition, First Solar, is also committed to being a responsible partner in local communities where we build projects. We implement local community engagement and development programs. In November of 2015, the First Solar India team kicked off its first community development initiative at Mahbubnagar in the southern Indian state of Telengana. The theme of the program was skill development and is consistent with the Indian Government’s key program of Skill India which is a mission under the Human Resources Development Ministry targeted towards making a larger section of the population employable. And recently, in July of 2016, young women and men have been trained on Computer & IT skills at Raichur, Kodangal, adjacent to the First Solar project site at that location.


With the smallest carbon footprint, lowest life cycle water use and fastest energy payback time in the industry, First Solar produces the leading eco-efficient PV technology. Our modules generate more energy at a competitive cost and with the lowest environmental impact per kilowatt-hour. In addition to addressing energy security, climate change and water scarcity, First Solar energy solutions are sustainably delivering competitive, accessible and reliable solar electricity locally.