Touching Lives:

One Step at a Time


Dow Chemical International Private Limited (Dow India) combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. The Company is driving innovations that extract value from the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences to help address many of India’s most challenging problems including the need for clean water, clean energy generation and conservation, and increasing agricultural productivity. With approximately 800 employees in locations spread across the country, Dow India is continually finding ways to make people’s lives healthier, safer and more convenient through exploring sustainable solutions based on technology development and application research in areas of infrastructure,  transportation, energy, consumer and, lifestyle. As a responsible corporate citizen, the company uses its technology expertise and employee volunteerism to partner with the communities in which it operates. Dow India continues to support Jaipur Foot through free distribution of prosthetic limbs along with BMVSS, building homes for the underprivileged through ‘Habitat for Humanity’ and supporting scientific thought and environmental awareness among the future generations through ‘Multiply the Message’ and ‘Mobile Science Lab’ programs. For more, visit or


Innovate to better human lives is deeply rooted in Dow Chemical International Private Limited’s (Dow India) philosophy. Over the years, Dow India has strived to deliver on their promise of using chemistry that is good for the people, planet and business. The focus has always been to combine the power of science and technology to solve human challenges. The company through its business solutions and CSR initiatives has been focusing on local issues to enable sustained economic and social development.


With a firm conviction that meaningful and result oriented CSR programs must be complementary to the core competency of the company and have the potential to become self-sustainable over time, three core tenets underpin Dow India’s CSR initiatives:

  1. Invest time and money in projects that create long-term benefits
  2. Fund sustainable projects, where there is an opportunity to use our technology
  3. Engage employees to voluntarily contribute to the communities, where we work


The company’s contributions go beyond giving to include co-creating and providing mentorship on both the technical and functional aspects of the project.


The Jaipur Foot Initiative

One of the projects that Dow India has worked extensively is the prosthetic limbs. Every year, thousands of people in India lose their limbs to diseases, accidents and other hazards. Inflicted by poverty, many do not have the necessary means to access healthcare services. The ‘Jaipur Foot Initiative’ aims to provide prosthetic limbs at an affordable price.


Dow India partnered with Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) in 2005 to support the cause of disability.  BMVSS is a charitable organization that works for the betterment of amputees in India, by providing artificial lower limbs, callipers, and crutches free-of-cost to the physically challenged. First developed in 1968, the original Jaipur Foot was an artificial foot handmade of vulcanized rubber. In partnership with Pinnacle Industries, Dow India developed and delivered an artificial foot that was more robust, light weight and flexible.


Since, the onset of this initiative in 2005, Dow India has empowered over 50,000 lives in the 23+ camps hosted near Dow India sites and offices.  Dow India employees volunteered during the camps contributing over 7000 hours over the past decade. Last year, the company celebrated ten successful years of partnership with BMVSS and expanded the project to Bangladesh in 2016.


Other marquee projects of Dow India include Habitat for Humanity, Multiply the Message and Agastya Mobile Science Lab.


Habitat for Humanity

As a partner to Habitat for Humanity, Dow India has been helping build affordable homes in rural communities since 2006. In line with our philosophy, the projects leverage Dow products and technologies as well as sweat equity in the form of volunteer support from the employees. Dow India partnered with Habitat for Humanity, India in building over 250 homes in the tribal belts of Maharashtra & outskirts of Chennai.


Multiply the Message

Committed to make environmental education in schools impactful, Dow India has partnered with Trailblazers in the conceptualization and implementation of this initiative. As part of the program the teachers are given means to communicate environmental terms and concepts through hands-on activities. The project has reached out to over 3000 teachers and 52,000 students since 2009.


Agastya Science Labs

In collaboration with Agastya, in 2015 Dow India launched a mobile science lab with easy, affordable scientific models and experiments aimed to help children understand and apply basic concepts of science, while piquing their curiosity and logical thought. The Mobile Science Lab aims to reach schools without access to a science lab, in rural, remote or underprivileged areas and impact over 10,000 children in the age group of 6-15 years every year.


We believe that the world needs solutions for big challenges like energy, climate change, water, food, nature and social issues. With our 2025 Sustainability Goals we are working to redefine the role of business in sustainability through leadership and action – working together at the intersection of business, government and society to help drive the transition to a more sustainable planet and society. Over the next decade, the company will continue to reduce its own operational “footprint,” deliver ever-increasing value to customers and society through our “handprint” of products and solutions, and develop and deliver a “blueprint” for a sustainable planet and society.