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Committed to India for over 110 years, Citi takes pride in being a premier locally embedded financial institution, backed by an unmatched global network. Citi is an employer of choice in India offering consumers and institutions a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, brokerage, treasury and trade services, securities and fund services and wealth management. In line with our commitment to make a positive difference in the communities we work, Citi India’s citizenship program targets its strategic efforts in the priority areas of Financial Capability & Asset Building, Microfinance, Enterprise Development, and Youth, Education & Livelihoods.


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Citi is committed to enabling socioeconomic progress in the communities where we live and work. Citi India through its Corporate Citizenship efforts; endeavors to support the nation’s priorities, in the areas of education, financial inclusion, youth skilling, empowerment, basic nutrition and preventive healthcare, art and culture and environmental sustainability through programs supported by Citi India as well as Citi Foundation.


In FY15-16, Citi India contributed more than INR 392 million towards programs in financial inclusion, education, preventive healthcare, protection of natural heritage, youth skilling and employability and environmental sustainability. Since its inception in 1999, Citi Foundation, catalyzed opportunities for more than 2.8 million families across the countries while working in the areas of Financial Inclusion and Youth Economic Opportunities. In 2014, Citi Foundation launched the India Innovation Grant Program to encourage non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop innovative programs that are scalable and replicable. Starting with a single focus on financial Inclusion, when it launched in 2014, the program in 2015 extended itself to also encompass Youth Skilling, based on the Indian Government’s national priorities and in 2016 the focus has specifically been in direct alignment to the national agenda of Skilling Youth and creating Livelihoods.


Employee engagement activities and volunteerism are strong drivers of the Citi Citizenship program. Close to 3900 Citi employees, families, friends and NGO partners came together in 7 cities to participate in 13 events themed on ‘Swachh Bharat’ at Citi’s Global Community Day in May 2016. Citi India also launched Giving at Citi – the  revamped employee payroll giving program in May 2016. Since its launch, there has been an increase of 146%  in the contribution amount and the number of unique contributors have increased by 63%.


The protection and promotion of India’s national heritage, art and culture has been an integral part of Citi India’s Citizenship philosophy, strategy and mandate. It has continued its strong partnership with the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), celebrating the Guru-Shishya Tradition with the Citi-NCPA Aadi Anant Festival of Indian Music, The Guru-Shishya Scholarship Program, and the Music for Schools program. Further Citi India is also proud to be patron of the first and only much acclaimed Symphony Orchestra of India since its inception in 2007. Further, Citi India has also partnered with the Prince of Wales Museum on two programs – the first entails the conservation and restoration of 150 ancient objects of national significance from the CSMVS collection, while the second is a Museum on Wheels program that has reached out to 100,000 kids in schools and educational institutions in and around Mumbai and Pune, with a plan of reaching out to an additional 300,000 children this year.


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