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Blackboard is an educational technology company that helps students to find new ways to learn, connect and advance with Online Learning, Analytics (to track and improve students’ performance), Security and Financial Solutions. Blackboard Products are widely used in more than 19,000 colleges across 100 countries by 100 Million Students worldwide. Aside from Google, Blackboard is the #1 website that students can’t live without.



Blackboard is shaping the future of education with big ideas that are transforming the face of education. With innovative technologies and solutions, Blackboard is bringing the students closer to the knowledge they seek and the potential they can achieve. Out of the Top 50 ranking of “Times Higher Education Reputation”, 80% of the world’s top academic institutions use Blackboard. 1 out of 3 schools in USA use Blackboard products. The products we offer provides blended learning that is useful for the Teaching / Learning process. We have now taken the first steps into the Indian Education System backed by our rich 20 years of International expertise. Colleges, the teaching staffs as well as students will greatly benefit as the Solutions offered by Blackboard will raise the bar of the Indian Education System to the systems across the world thereby opening up a wide range of benefits for the people and the economy at large. They will also be able to easily and seamlessly adapt to the fiercely competitive environment they face when they pursue higher education in other countries, which is a big challenge currently.


Today’s students want an education that meets their individual needs, and opportunities that connect them to what is happening around the World. They challenge the education system to be innovative and to make learning environments more exciting, challenging and rewarding. Students live in a borderless world offering unlimited connection, data and mobility. They can choose to access knowledge and participate in dialogue that transcends different geographical locations. They need education delivered in ways that are compatible with and support their world-view and their bond with communication technology. Our product also facilitates the students to pay their fees in a comfortable way through multiple installments; It’s an innovative idea that helps colleges to retain students from deprived financial background.


In today’s fast paced environment, where the employed population are hard pressed for time, they are severely hampered in terms of upgrading their skills and knowledge, even though they may have the inclination and finance required to support their cause. On the other hand, getting high-quality teachers availability for teaching the students is also a challenge given the physical distances needed to commute by the teachers or students. This challenge is even more daunting when teachers and students need to travel across cities and sometimes even across different states to meet in person for the teaching / learning experience. We create solutions using technology more creatively to move beyond classroom walls and we transform education with completely new ways to learn new skills. Blackboard offers an innovative web conferencing Solution with features like high-quality, high definition audio and video, application sharing, and a modern user experience which makes It an incomparable online learning environment. This is a web conferencing created with education in mind. Features like Instant & convenient chat with all participants, Real-time annotations and text, Record sessions in a mobile-friendly format, Simple and fast file sharing make the product a must for the world of education.


Blackboard Analytics Solution empowers colleges to track and improve the performance of students, online and offline courses, academic departments, and the institution as a whole. It helps to harness data from Learning Management & Student Information Systems. It transforms institutional data from programs, faculty, and students to information that is actionable and understood by all stakeholders.  It helps institutions to identify barriers to retention and keep students on track to graduate with high quality degrees. It also gives teachers the tools they need to better understand their learners and cultivate the critical thinking skills required to survive and thrive in the 21st century.


Blackboards’ vast exposure to the education systems in the US helps to provide solutions that are in line with the Washington Accord expectations and procedures mandated by ABET. Imbibing these practices makes our Indian Education System recognized and in tandem to those in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, UK and U.S.


Gainful Employment

With more than 40,000 Colleges and Institutions and a whopping 1.4 million schools that can benefit from the products Blackboard have to offer, we are faced with a 1000 + direct employment and an equal number of indirect employment that could happen in the next two to three years in India.


The associated hardware products required for the transaction and financial solutions Blackboard offers will open up many lucrative jobs in the electrical and mechanical sectors. Additionally, the betterment of education standards the students get exposed to, will improve their knowledge and skills manifold thereby making them more acceptable in the competitive real life environment.


Skill Development, Innovation, Research & Development

The product spectrum of Blackboard has been serving many countries across the globe for the past 2 decades. In these years, the world has seen a tremendous change in all areas especially in education and technology. Providentially we (a U.S. based Indian organization) being a bridge between both these areas with our mammoth education system combined with our zest for embracing technology, we find ourselves to be an early adapter to the changes. We consistently learn and update our skills to meet the market requirements. We keep collecting inputs from our customers and find ways for improvement. We upgrade our products with cutting-edge technologies in such a way that we serve our customers better and create an impact in the education society.


The education industry is seeing a paradigm shift; It throws challenges in front of people and changes the way people learn; It exposes people to numerous possible ways for development. We bring various innovative thoughts to enable people to traverse this paradigm shift.


We focus more on the Research and Development which is the root of our organization; It drives us towards Innovative ideas. It may range from continuous improvement of existing practices through to transformation of how we achieve goals or rethinking what those goals are.


We understand our customers and their needs; We get feedback from our customers and those feedbacks cater to our Research and Development that keep us building customer centric innovative products and features.


We recruit fresh minds from colleges and train them on latest technologies; It provides employment for the youth that in turn offers social upliftment of their respective families; It also boosts up the economy of the country.


Our team in India serves the customers across the globe; In order to achieve customer satisfaction, skill development becomes a significant activity, which lead us to learn new technologies. We create supportive environment for our employees to work on latest technologies. We organize internal and external training programs for them to improve their Technical skills, Interpersonal skills, Leadership Skills, Communication skills, etc. Our team does certifications like TOGAF, ISTQB, ORACLE, etc., that make them more qualified professionals. We bring experts from the industry to talk to our employees that enables them to gain good exposure and knowledge. We offer them opportunity to take part in industry forums & conferences, QAI Testing conferences that makes them to be at par with the professionals across the industry. We also provide opportunity for our employees to take innovative challenges that enable them to prove their potential.