Avery Dennison

Aspires to Make a Difference



Avery Dennison Corporation is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions. Since entering India in 1997, Avery Dennison has experienced strong growth for the businesses:

  • Founded in 1935. A FORTUNE 500 ® Company with sales of $6.0 billion in 2015
  • Global Operations in more than 50 countries:

As part of their community initiative, the Avery Dennison India (ADI) team identified certain areas to work under the CSR Domain under ‘SEWA’ initiative. The objective of this initiative is to engage more and more ADI team to serve and help the society.



The local HR team with support from AD foundation has worked on making make a significant contribution in the area of corporate social responsibility.


Our approach

  • Contribute and share with the communities in locations Avery Dennison operates
  • Provide opportunities to employees to partner in serving the community



Women’s Health & Development


Swabhiman Program” aims to improve women’s health, keep girls in school and change community attitudes in some of the poorest parts of Delhi, in association with SMILE foundation.

Post funding approval by the AD Foundation, a total of 3379 beneficiaries have been reached through group meetings (Indirect impact exceeds 8500 individuals, including family members). They were made aware on the health issues like family planning, anaemia, immunization, vaccination menstrual hygiene HIV/AIDS etc. Average family members of the community are 4-5.These are mostly the migrant labours from the nearby villages. The men are into daily wage jobs of painter, hawker, driver, plumber, housekeeping shops and earn between Rs.5000 to 6000 per month. The women mostly work in houses as maid servants.


“Her Health” is creating awareness for women in Customers site to support Project with BSR “Her Health”. Educate women employed at customers factory with the aimed at improving their health and productivity through awareness. Her Health project is a

16 month program. It will follow a peer-to-peer training model, with the following modules:

  • Maternal health
  • Nutrition
  • Waterborne diseases
  • Family planning
  • Menstruation
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • Personal hygiene
  • HIV and AIDs


Sustainability & Disaster Relief

  • Providing Support for Jammu & Kashmir floods: To help and support people in Jammu & Kashmir Avery Dennison partnered with GOONJ (an NGO ) that has been working for the past 14 years on providing rehabilitation and relief in the face of several natural disasters.
  • We have also been collecting spare clothes through drop box in every location and providing the collected clothes to Goonj
  • Providing Support for Chennai Floods: To help flood victims in Chennai, Avery Dennison Employees donated half day salary and collected INR 5,00,000. This was given to Smile Foundation and Action Aid who are working in Chennai for Rehabilitation and Resettlement post floods.
  • Regular tree plantation and Environment day celebrations


Education & Skill Building


Scholarships under Swabhiman Program: Avery Dennison also provides scholarships to girls who are very academically strong but cannot continue further education. A group of volunteers are associated with this project and regularly celebrate festival and events with the families at these slums. Avery Dennison India regularly celebrates Women’s Day with the Smile Foundation Swabhiman project team.


Akanksha Foundation: Supporting Education for underprivileged children – Avery Dennison India partnered with Akanksha Foundation in 2014 to support the education of the Children studying in BOPODI ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, Pune. Akanksha Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide high-quality education to children from low-income communities, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives. Akanksha provides supplemental education through its centres and addresses formal education by running schools and initiating school reform through The School Project. A total 256 students are studying in BOPODI ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, Pune with 100% student retention. Eye-checkup camp for underprivileged children was also conducted by ADI Pune plant where total 332 students benefited.