Uplifting India’s Citizenry

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Amritt is the leading American niche consultancy, which is focused on expanding Indo-American trade.  Executives from American companies trust Amritt’s seasoned consultants as “The India Expert.”  Amrit has glowing testimonials from companies in sectors as diverse as consumer products, defence, medical devices, energy,  textiles, foods,  entertainment, furniture and automotive.


Amritt is an American consultancy headquartered in Malibu, California, USA and focused exclusively on improving bilateral trade in products and ideas between India and the United States.


Most of Amritt’s American clients engagement with medium and small enterprises in India as they expand their business in India. Our clients have recruited distributors and suppliers in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Roorkee, Baddi, Mysore, Vadodara.  Several Amritt clients have also created their own SME businesses in India.


Amritt clients have invested in India directly from the USA as well as through vehicles in third countries.  Amritt has advised on a roasting plant in Gujarat, cosmetics in Uttarakhand, software and engineering investments in Hyderabad and many more.


In eastern Uttar Pradesh, in Gujarat, in Chennai and elsewhere, Amritt clients have created and sustained thousands of good paying jobs for adult women and men. Most of this employment is created or sustained and the partner companies that support Amritt clients in manufacturing and services industries.


Amritt’s work in supporting innovation from India and in developing world class research and development centers has been noticed by keynote  plenary sessions at the World Meeting of the  Industrial Research Institute and in several Amritt-authored articles in the Harvard Business Review; these articles highlight the specific initiatives and products developed or improved using technical talent from India.


Prominent among Amritt ‘s client facing staff are several women. Purnima Hindia in Bangalore, Supriya Pande in Santa Monica, Smita Goel in Malibu.  Amritt supports and empowers women students as interns to learn about global business by working on crucial projects during summers and industry semesters.


For these reasons Amritt is near the top when you google the term “India Business Consultant.”


Main website : amritt.com


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