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Outstanding Contribution to India’s Inclusive Growth


Started in 1994, American Megatrends India Private Limited (AMIPL) offers hi-tech engineering solutions and services to customers worldwide.


We are specialty leaders in Embedded Services, BIOS Customization & Porting, Mobility Solutions, IP SAN/NAS Data storage solutions, Infrastructure Asset Management, Telematics Solutions, Knowledge Management System, Healthcare IT solutions, Platform Validation Services, Android Services.


Health and Sanitation

We understood that a human’s greatest asset and gift is health. Health is majorly depended on sanitation. The term sanitation according to us means, sanitation around us and sanitation inside us. If sanitation is not done in either way then we suffer in macrocosmic & microcosmic way.


We at AMI, apart from creating healthcare ecosystem on a business perspective took this as a social responsibility. We are strongly committed to the cause – “To promote and encourage an illness free world.” We are continuing our journey with strong conviction that our quality healthcare systems would play a part in creating and maintaining an “illness free world.”


Though started as a field trial, eventually we took it up as an initiative as social responsibility and ran various healthcare camps across the state. We have done this as an initiative to promote thinking about healthcare and sanitation among the masses. Our whole idea was never forcing them to know the facts.


We showed them the data of the vital statics of their own body, we tested them for:

  • Blood pressure level
  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen level in body
  • Body temperature
  • Hemoglobin level
  • Blood glucose level
  • Cholesterol level

These tests are considered basic vital stats for any human.


And in turn we made the masses to infer a thought. A thought which inspires and creates a destructive ripple in a positive sense. Though we try to name it as CSR initiative that would benefit the society, we are seeing it more than an obligation. IT IS ALL THE SMILE AND BLISS AROUND US MAKES US TO FEEL THAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED SOMETHING GREAT.


Our CSR initiative motto strongly delivers the message, “When you can prevent, why go for cure?” A healthcare system that provides hope to mankind that they can lead an illness free life. A healthcare system that is key in promoting healthy and happy life.


Our Projects

  1. Free health check-up with inference to healthcare and sanitation
  2. AMI‘s Green Global:  planting as many trees possible in the space allocated
  3. Chennai Floods Drive through: An initiative taken by our company by lending a hand to recover from the floods that shook Chennai down to  roots


We can relate all our projects to one cause health and sanitation. In the middle ages, the average human life expectancy did not reach into the teen years, not only because of the extremely high perinatal mortality that heavily skewed the data, but also because Europeans (and much of the world during this time) lived in an unhealthy milieu of filth, poor hygiene, and nearly non-existent sanitation. Superstition and ignorance, along with pestilential diseases and vermin infestation, were rampant. Epidemic and endemic diseases such as the bubonic plague, typhus, variola (smallpox), and the White Death of tuberculosis (consumption) took a heavy toll on the population, both young and old.


But now times have changed, we are using technology as a tool to improve the quality of lives which cannot be valued at any instance. We are provoking a thought to take care of everyone’s health.


Recognizing our impact and initiative, our company’s Director and CEO Mr. Sridharan Mani, has been selected as one among the top 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leaders by World Health & Wellness Congress 2016-2017.


We envision to a create a healthy community which in turn creates a healthy country. We had an inspiration to inspire. We had an aspiration and felt a responsibility to be a part of this eternal care.