Together We Inspire


Founded in 1995, the American International School Chennai provides an excellent education for children of American and expatriates on assignment in Chennai. Together we inspire a love of learning, empowering all students with the courage, confidence, creativity and compassion to make their unique contribution in a diverse and dynamic world.



The main business of the American International School Chennai revolves around education. Currently we educate 865 students coming from over 30 countries. The education children receive at AISC consists of five realms: Service, Play/Choice, Athletics, Academics and Arts. While more traditional education models might focus on academics exclusively, we look to educate the whole child. In addition to the five realms, we have four drivers of change at AISC. These drivers focus on collaboration, creation, personalization and application. These drivers are not everything students do, but they influence the decisions we make at the school around curriculum and expectations. AISC also makes a commitment to having co-curricular programs, pastoral care and student voice and choice. Again, these commitments emphasize supporting the child and their interests over a one-size fits all approach. There are two characteristics that are seen at AISC, parent engagement and digital connectivity. All of these elements come together to support our students to live our Mission.


Gainful Employment

For the 2016-2017 school year, AISC employs 405 people coming from more than 10 countries as well as employing outsourced services from across India.



AISC has three full-time school nurses each highly experienced and possessing RN degrees. School nurses provide support to the students, faculty, and staff in the promotion of health and wellness. We also have two doctors, a physician and a pediatrician, from Apollo Hospitals. In addition to personnel, AISC also has health facilities. The Health Office is a spacious facility with five beds. It contains diagnostic and treatment devices to handle basic emergencies and common conditions. The Health Office also supports in emergency preparedness. Procedures are reviewed for emergency situations on a regular basis. All faculty members are trained in emergency first aid, CPR and AED. In case of a medical emergency, the following procedures take place: first aid administration, parent and section principal notification. Should the child require care at an emergency facility and can be moved safely, the student will be taken by medical staff in an ambulance to one of the Apollo Hospitals.



With respect to sanitation we do the following on our campus. We clean classroom tables, door handles, landlines phone, toys, and wash basin taps with Dettol liquid. We clean the classroom floors with Lysol. In addition, the restrooms are being cleaned with green chemicals, Crew Bathroom Cleaner and scale remover, J Flex. Common areas are being cleaned with green chemicals, Alpha, an HP multi-surface cleaner, J Flex. Finally, AHD hand Sanitizer is kept in all classrooms and restrooms.


In addition to being more eco-friendly with our cleaning products, we have introduced solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint. The plant capacity is 260 KW. We installed 958 solar panels as of February 14, 2017. The per day average production is 1550 units, but this may vary according to the sun radiation. Our average power consumption per day is 8,600 units. Out of which we are coming 1,600 units (20%) through our solar panels.


Skill Development

As a learning institution, our students are growing and so are our faculty and staff. We embrace a growth mindset, the idea that we can change our thinking and our behavior and continue to improve throughout our life. We work on student’s academic and athletic skill development as well as learning habits, such as engagement, collaboration and preparation. Teachers also learn and grow in our institution, whether through teachers learning from each other, embedded professional learning or by attending workshops and conferences around the world. AISC also designs its own learning experiences for students and faculty, such as the International Schools Writers Conference where 5 schools sent 50 grade 6-8 students to AISC to work with three authors/storytellers, and the Leadership Academy where faculty from AISC and other local international schools come together to learn key skills leaders need in schools.


Social Upliftment

As service plays a key role in our school, we work with several community partners such as VidyaSagar, Teach For India, Seva Samajam Children’s Home, St. Joseph’s Social Service Centre Society, BHUMI, HOPE Foundation, Vishranthi Home for Aged and Destitute Women, The Tree Foundation, and the Blue Cross Animal Shelter. Our students work with these organizations to help with skill development such as Seva Samajam where AISC students teach the students computer skills and English. In addition, AISC also raises money to support those in needs, such as during the Chennai Flood of 2015. Finally, AISC works with local partners to build an inclusive community. While many of the students and faculty come from different parts of the world, we all call Chennai home, and AISC students help to bring about positive change.


Women’s Empowerment

A key aspect of women’s empowerment is treating boys and girls equally from the day they are born. At school, boys and girls have equal access to education, sports, arts and more. Decisions are not made to benefit one gender over the other. In addition to this, we provide an excellent education, allowing all of our students access to financial independence, which can be the greatest empowerment. Recently in the 2016-2017 school year, AISC also held a video and discussion series that talked about issues that women face in the workforce and strategies to navigate them. AISC also celebrated women’s accomplishments and feminism during International Women’s Day. Finally, the Director of Advancement has spoken at different multinational corporations in Chennai about navigating the workforce and becoming a woman leader.