The Changing Landscape of Global Immigration by Fragomen Worldwide and AmCham

On 21st September, AmCham, along with Fragomen Worldwide, organized a conference on “The Changing Landscape of Global Immigration.” Saju James, Partner Fragomen India, welcomed the guests and briefly spoke on collaboration, talent management and global mobility. Austin T. Fragomen also spoke. The key note address was by Lance Kaplan, Partner, Fragomen Worldwide and focused on worldwide corporate immigration trends, significant shift in policies, and the importance of short term travel.


The panel discussion on U.S. immigration – enforcement trends and upcoming legislation featured speakers Cynthia J. Lange – Partner, Fragomen Worldwide, Carmita Alonso – Partner, Fragomen Worldwide, R. Blake Chisam – Partner, Fargomen Worldwide and Ravi K. Raghunathan – Global Immigration Leader, IBM. The session was moderated by Scott J. Fitzgerald, Partner, Fragomen Worldwide.


The panel discussed the impact of the upcoming U.S. elections, pressures on U.S. immigration and outsourcing, perception of jobs and insecurity, political pressures and the proposed H1B cap performance system legislation, 50/50 employer obligations like recruitment and non-displacement attestations, third party placement, three-tier wager system for H1-B’s and L1 and the expanded employer liability. The event was attended by many member organizations.