The 21st International Conference and Expo on Corrosion CORCON 2014

The 21st International Conference and Expo on Corrosion CORCON 2014 was organized by NACE International Gateway India Section (NIGIS) from 12th – 15th November 2014 in Mumbai. The event was supported by Amcham India and had several American companies participating at the expo. such as Honeywell, Ashland, Lubrizol Advanced Materials Pvt. Ltd., Wex Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Trenton Corp., Matcor Inc. and several Indian and International companies“Combating Corrosion Worldwide” was the theme for the conference and expo which was well attended by participants and investors. At the exposition American companies were represented at the US Pavilion which comprised of an Amcham India booth and US Commercial Services booth. The Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India Mr. Anant Kumar addressed the participants on Friday, 14th November expressing the critical concern for Corrosion control not only for the industrial sector but also for domestic purpose. The dignitaries present at the event were Mr. Arun Kumar, Director General of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service and Assistant Secretary for Global Markets, U.S. Department of Commerce, International TRADE Administration, Dr. Samir Degan, Chairman, CORCON 2014, Mr. Harvey Hack, President, NACE International, Mr. Jim Feather, Vice President, NACE International, Mr. Robert Chalker, Chief Executive Officer, NACE International, Mr. Tushar Jhaveri, Past President, NACE Interantional, Smt. Mugdha Sinha, Minister of Petroleum & Gas and many others. With the cost of corrosion worldwide being over US$ 1trillion today, NACE International believes that at least a third of this cost can be saved by using available practices and technologies in our routine working environments. To achieve this goal, it is imperative to promote interactions between people and organizations working in the field of corrosion, hence CORCON provided the ideal platform for interactions and also spread awareness of the scourge of corrosion.