Site Visit to WaterHealth Plant

AMCHAM’s member, WaterHealth, operates as a social business that provides drinking water to communities in primarily rural areas.  WaterHealth purifies and retails water through decentralized plants called “WaterHealth Centers” which serve an average consumer base of 10,000. A group of AMCHAM members visited the Water Health Centre in Tukkugudda on 17th May, 2017.  They toured the plant and gained an understanding of how the business works. The plant is for the benefit of the local community living there, hence WaterHealth conducted a study prior to setting up the plant to understand the feasibility and the economic condition of the residents living in Tukkuguda, a village which is about 11 kms from the Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad.


After the process of purification and RO of the water, it is sent to tanks which are placed on top to store the clean water and dispense it when any member of the community opens either of the outlets.  The person who collects the water is charged a nominal amount of Rs.7/- for a 20 liter can.  This is recorded in the books maintained at the plant so that they would be able to gauge the amount of water consumed per day by the community and ensure availability of the same.  The plant is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm to enable people to have access to the clean drinking water. The waste water from this process is collected in an underground tank and this water is used for watering of the plants within the site. In case of issues with dispensation of the water, there is a toll free number which is displayed at the plant, so that they can call and register their complaints.  These issues are resolved as and when they come up.