Roundtable Interaction with Ms. Jenna Daugherty on ‘Addressing Global Health Issues by Creating Social Value Through Business Expertise: Helping People Live Healthier, Fuller Lives’

AMCHAM India, in partnership with Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., organized a roundtable interaction with Ms. Jenna Daugherty on ‘Addressing Global Health Issues by Creating Social Value Through Business Expertise: Helping People Live Healthier, Fuller Lives’ on Tuesday, 19th September 2017 at the Abbott office in Mumbai. The event commenced with a welcome address by Ms. Surabhi Wahal, Regional Director – Western Region, AMCHAM India, followed by welcome remarks by Mr. Bhasker Iyer, Vice President, EPD India, Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Iyer set the stage with a brief introduction of Abbott Healthcare and it’s diversified businesses highlighting the importance of the Abbott core values and how CSR is a natural priority of the corporate culture. He also shared that as part of their citizenship efforts the main focus is on sustainability and scalability.


Ms. Kaku Nakhate, National Executive Board Member, AMCHAM and President and Country Head – India, Bank of America, through her address shed light on the efforts of AMCHAM India and U.S. companies to influence the community and leave a favourable impact on society. She shared insight on the initiatives of AMCHAM India towards creating platforms for collaboration, sharing of best practices and identifying synergies and partnerships amongst key stakeholders. Ms. Nakhate spoke of Bank of America’s CSR initiatives, which focus on adolescent girls, sanitation, women empowerment and financial capital and funding towards clean energy. Mr. Gregory Taevs, Principal Commercial Officer, U.S. Consulate Mumbai, in his address spoke of the significance of CSR and how the American government, NGOs and private agencies work together to achieve goals in this space. He highlighted the noteworthy contributions of Dasra, Rabobank, Impact Financing, PAHAL. He introduced Dr. Nita Rao of USAID and encouraged participants to connect with this nodal agency on prospective synergies and partnerships.


The keynote speaker for the day, Ms. Jenna Daugherty, Divisional VP, Global Social Responsibility, Abbott Laboratories Inc., spoke with fervor, sharing experiences and insights on building healthcare capacity in Tanzania, tackling malnutrition in Haiti, addressing chronic disease in Kenya, enhancing the business of dairy farming in India, engaging employees in Ireland, addressing nutrition standards in China and Vietnam, and concluding with Abbott’s global impact in helping people live healthier, fuller lives.


An interactive Q&A and experience sharing moderated by Mr. Jasraj Virdi, Director, Corporate Citizenship, Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. followed where CSR leaders of AMCHAM member companies spoke of their best practices and experiences in CSR and employee engagement initiatives. The event came to a close with a vote of thanks and concluding remarks by Ms. Ranjita Sood, Associate Director – Government Affairs, Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.