Meeting with Beth Urbanas, Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy

Ms. Beth Urbanas, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia and the Americas at the Office of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), participated in a roundtable discussion with AMCHAM members to discuss energy access, renewable, energy efficiency, bio-fuels, energy security and energy technologies. Ms. Udaya Arun, Program Manager, AMCHAM, gave the welcome remarks and the discussion was led by Mr. Arun Kumar Jain, Chairman – Infrastructure and Smart Cities Committee, AMCHAM and President & Managing Director, Fluor Daniel India. Ms. Urbanas is responsible for managing DoE’s bilateral and multilateral engagements with Asian and American countries, hence the members also requested her support in advocating for potential areas of convergence between the two countries. Over 10 members engaged in the roundtable discussion with the USG officials.