Meeting of Amcham & FICCI Aviation Committee Members, 8th May 2014, Federation House, New Delhi

Members of FICCI and Amcham Civil Aviation Committees interacted with the Civil Aviation authorities and raised a few issues of concern and suggestions to enhance & support growth of Civil Aviation in India. As there are several common inputs from FICCI and Amcham members, a joint working group (JWG) meeting has been set up between FICCI and Amcham to put together a consolidated set of recommendations for consideration by the government. During the following proposed JWG meeting, FICCI and Amcham members will have a chance to prioritize inputs in two categories: Policy and Procedures as well as put them in “near term” and “medium term” buckets before presenting it to the Government of India.

To reach a common understanding on priorities and create an action plan a meeting of the JWG meeting is taking place on 8th May 2014.

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