IPR Interactive Session – 4 June, 2014 – New Delhi

Amcham’s IPR Committee conducted an interactive session in collaboration with USPTO and Caterpillar in order to address important IPR issues and challenges faced by U.S. Companies in India. The IPR Committee Meeting took place on the June 4, 2014 in New Delhi.


Ms. Kalpana Reddy, USPTO, emphasized on the various issues and IPR challenges in India. Mr. Dennis Skarvan, Caterpillar, presented on U.S. Non-Performing Entries Bill, addressing patent control at the state level in the U.S. and accentuated that the U.S. did not have federal patent control laws. Mr. Steve Hanley, Caterpillar, shed light on a creative approach to deal with IPR issues in India through leveraging low cost service providers. Mr. Rajinder Sharma, Chairman IPR Committee, reiterated the lack of judicial infrastructure in India and advocated the idea of “Innovating in Law”.


The event was concluded with an open discussion and a round of questions and answers to elucidate any queries from participants. The committee showed interest in meeting with a USITC delegation coming to Delhi at the end of June.with a USITC delegation coming to Delhi at the end of June.