Interactive Session with Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for South and Central Asia, Mr. Mark Linscott


AMCHAM hosted a luncheon roundtable for Mr. Mark Linscott, Assistant USTR for South and Central Asia, U.S. Trade Representative, on 9th April at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. The meeting was focussed on the U.S. – India economic relationship and future engagement on bilateral trade policy.


The following USG officials were also present:


  • Ms. Diane Farrell, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Mr. Tom Vajda, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for South Asia, U.S. Department of State
  • Mr. Erland Herfindahl, Deputy Assistant, USTR
  • Mr. Brendan Lynch, Director for India, USTR
  • Mr. Sam DuPont, Director for ICT Services & Digital Trade, USTR
  • Mr. Vishal Amin, Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC), The White House
  • Mr. Rob Garverick, Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs and Environment, Science and Technology, U.S. Embassy
  • Ms. Aileen Nandi, Deputy Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs, U.S. Embassy


Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM gave the welcome remarks before turning to Ms. Jyotsna Ghoshal, Executive Director, MSD, who chaired the meeting from AMCHAM. Members present during the roundtable dwelled upon the issues and sought the help of AUSTR for early resolution of the same. Some of the challenges included gaps in enforcement of policies, preferential market access for local products, pricing of patented products, increase in tariff in certain sectors, etc. AMCHAM members also requested for a debrief meeting with U.S. Embassy officials in coming days which was gladly accepted by the Economic Affairs and Environment and Science and Technology section of the Embassy.


The following AMCHAM member companies were represented during the meeting: Boston Scientific, MSD, Baxter, DuPont, AT&T, Cargill Seeds, Edwards Life Sciences, Lanzatech Pvt. Ltd., Mylan Laboratories, India Medtronic and Varian Medical systems.