E.C.P interaction with Secretary Moniz at U.S India Energy Dialogue, March 11, 2014, New Delhi

The U.S.-India Energy Dialogue met in New Delhi on March 5-11, 2014. India and the United States reaffirmed strong commitment to collaborate on energy and promote greater technological and business innovation, scientific cooperation, research, development and deployment of environmentally-friendly technologies and products, open trade, and sound regulatory frameworks to deliver energy solutions for sustainable growth.


The Energy Dialogue highlights ongoing engagement in the areas of civilian nuclear energy, electrical grid and power generation cooperation, energy efficiency, oil and gas exploration and investment, expanding markets for renewable energy technologies, and addressing barriers to clean energy deployment.


At a brief interaction on the sidelines of the Energy Dialogue with Secretary Moniz, USTDA director Lee Zak said that USTDA is supporting activities to promote the development of solar projects and micro-grids, the uptake of smart grid technologies by Indian utilities, and the implementation of new technologies in the refining sector by leveraging the expertise of other U.S. government entities and U.S.-India Energy Cooperation Program member companies.