Briefing Session with Visiting Officials from USTR

AMCHAM organized a briefing session over breakfast for visiting officials from USTR. AMCHAM members from IPR, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals committee participated in the briefing session. The main objective of the briefing session was to sensitize USTR officials on trade related challenges from specific sectors. The USTR delegation included Ms. Tanya Menchi, Deputy Assistant USTR for South and Central Asia, Mr. Brendan Lynch, Director for India at USTR and Mr. Conor Harrington, Director for Intellectual Property and Innovation at the office of USTR. Ms. Sanjit Kaur Batra, Chairperson – IPR Committee, AMCHAM, made the opening remarks and briefly touched upon some of the issues. Ms. Apurva Mehta, Co-Chair – IPR Committee, AMCHAM, then welcomed USTR officials and thanked the U.S. Embassy for giving AMCHAM the opportunity for this briefing session with members. He also introduced USTR officials to the participating members. Each of the members then highlighted their concerns.

Some of the challenges highlighted by the IPR Committee members included the National IP Policy and lack of focus on commercialization, improvement on enforcement mechanisms, improvement in biodiversity and PVP offices, certainty and predictability of patent life, lack of regulatory data protection, lack of trade secret protection and lack of patent linkage. Pricing of medical devices, preferential procurement policy for domestically manufactured products and lack of incentives for innovation were amongst a few points raised by the medical devices industry members. The pharma industry raised concerns regarding the IPR issues and patented product pricing and also briefed the officials on the looming threat of compulsory licensing. USTR requested AMCHAM to conduct a survey and try to get the data on the investments lost and technology lost by the country due to various policy challenges and also requested a white paper from the Medical Devices Committee on why superiority trails cannot be done in case of medical devices.

The briefing session included members from the following AMCHAM member companies: DuPont, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Philip Morris India (PMI), Edwards Life Sciences, MSD, BSA, Boston Scientific and India Medtronic. AMCHAM was represented by Mr. Gaurav Mendiratta, Director, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and IPR.