Breakfast Interactive Session with Dr. Shamik Sural, Professor at IIT Kharagpur, January 10, 2014

On January 10, 2014 AMCHAM Eastern India Chapter kickstarted it’s 2014 calendar with a breakfast meeting with Dr. Shamik Sural, Professor at IIT Kharagpur, at the Bengal Club.

Dr. Sural is a leading international name actively involved in areas of research in computer security. Dr. Sural is doing pioneering work in the field of intelligent surveillance; his focus has been on gait based human recognition especially in real-life situations where occlusion is one of the major factors impeding accuracy.

Welcoming Dr. Sural, Mr. Suranjan Bhanja,Vice Chairman and Chairman IT Subcommittee of AMCHAM stressed upon the need for Gait based human recognition that finds specific significance in present times due to an increase in global security threats and incidents. Gait or the style of walking of a person is the only perceivable unique bio-metric feature of an individual that can be studied from a distance.


Dr. Sural, during his presentation, took the audience through the various facets of Gait based human recognition system, that indeed is a true amalgamation of information technology and intelligent surveillance. Dr. Sural explained how the technology, though in a nascent stage at present, has the potential for threat detection and security. He emphasised on the need of using the technology as a potential identification tool. Its importance lay in the fact that this is a non-interactive process where data can be captured without the subject’s consent.


He demonstrated the differences between image capture from a side view and those from a frontal view and their significance. He also delved into the stages through which the process has grown and how modern wireframe technology takes into account 14 characteristics which make a gait unique. He spoke of the various algorithms which are now being used to make the process more accurate even if it does not make it faster. As the processing speed of computers increases, the accuracy will be coupled with speed. The session was highly interactive with attendees posing a host of questions.


Mr. Debasis Basu, Member IT Subcommittee, summed up the session by emphasizing on that the special significance of Dr. Sural’s research and felt that this new and unique research technique could revolutionise the surveillance and security mechanism.