Chairman: Mr. Gaurav Ajmani
Associate General Counsel, Business Conduct & Ethics
Amazon Seller Services (P) Ltd.


Co-Chairperson: Ms. Bhawna A. Ranganadhan
Vice President, Legal and Compliance


Secretariat: Ms. Tanya Paul
Communication Director


Secretariat: Ms. Komple Sharma


Sector Overview


The Anti Corruption (FCPA Compliance) Committee assists U.S. companies to manage the adverse effects of corruption on the business environment. It provides a forum for its members to meet for discussions on varied topics such as anti-corruption challenges, code of ethics, anti-corruption best practices – export compliance, United Nations Convention against Corruption (UUNCAC) etc.


The committee conducts a monthly FCPA global conference call to discuss current issues and latest developments relating to the subject.


The committee has also conducted FCPA Master Class in collaboration with Trace International and will organize more such events for suppliers and vendors of member companies to sensitize them on matters relating to FCPA and compliance.


FCPA Investigation Lifecycle


Hidden Costs of Corruption


Third Party Due Diligence- Integrating in-house technology and outside services providers


Proactive Compliance Measures to Prevent and Detect Failures in your Anticorruption Compliance Program


Public Tender Process Protest in India and Defence Procurement


Concall 6th July 2010 Presentation


Integrity Guide by Amcham – Hill & Associates