An interactive session with Prof Ajoy Ray: IIEST Shibpur – The Transformation Story

Prof. Ray began by expressing appreciation on his association with Amcham. He recounted his association with IIT Kharagpur, where he did a lot of cutting edge technical work before being called upon in 2009 by his own professor and ex-VC of BESU, Dr. Sankar Sen to head the institution as its Vice Chancellor.

He also recalled the significant role played in his selection by the then Governor of West Bengal Dr. Gopal Krishna Gandhi. Prof Ray also recounted a number of noteworthy events during the time he worked to transform IIEST.

Prof Ray went on to mention how eventually the institution was given IIEST status and recounted the support provided by every political party and even the office of the President of India who had gone out of its way to see this happen. Today the institution has over Rs.100 crores of research work being done, over 500 PhD enrollments, over 350 scholars and close ties with the industry. A special matter of pride are the 4 centers of excellence that have been created at IIEST Shibpur and the top-notch academicians who are now associated with the institution.

Prof Ray concluded by extending an invitation to the member of Amcham to visit the campus and to explore areas of joint cooperation.

The concluding remarks and vote of thanks was given by Mr. Debasis Basu, Member IT and ITeS Sub Committee Amcham Eastern India: Mr. Basu coordinated a brief Q&A session and then went on to thank Prof Ray for the extraordinary speech and for his efforts to transfer BESU to IIEST. Mr. Basu also spoke about his personal interactions with Prof Ray who taught him at IIT Kharagpur.