An Interactive Session on ‘The World of Corporate Intelligence: Fact and Fiction’, 18 July 2014 – Mumba

On 18 July, Amcham Mumbai in partnership with FTI Consulting, organised a presentation followed by an interactive session on ‘The World of Corporate Intelligence: Fact and Fiction’. There were presentations by Mr. Stuart Witchell, Senior Managing Director and Co-Leader, Global Risk and Investigations practice & Mr. Anuj Bugga, Managing Director, Global Risk and Investigations practice of FTI Consulting, India. They also shared some insightful case studies from India and overseas.

The event concluded with closing remarks and vote of thanks by Mr. Sanjog Adke, Investigation Head, Asia Pacific Region, NCR Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Some key takeaways were :

• Corporate Intelligence is not merely just a background check

• When you hire a Corporate Intelligence team make sure they are an extension of your team and not just hired professionals to complete the job.

• Why firms need CI – to gain a competitive edge and also the growing need for corporate governance.

• Litigation is time consuming & costly in India, so you might want to avail of Corporate intelligence rather than the former option

• Many American firms have their own in-house Corporate Intelligence teams

INVESTMENT banks, Private Equity firms and MNCs are frequent users of Corporate intelligence more often than other sectors.

• Corporate Intelligence is highly confidential and they hired specialists are sometimes also asked to share their findings for a case filled in the International Court.