AmCham’s Supply Chain & Logistics(SCL) Committee Sharing & Learning


The meeting began with Ms. Surabhi Wahal welcoming the members. Mr. Nikhil Kush shared a few words on the achievements of the committee in the year 2015 and the positive potential that the new year holds.


The month’s sharing and learning concall led by Ms. Shilpa Ramanathan, Head- Supply Chain at Bard India HealthCare Pvt. Ltd., focused on the consignment and SECM (sale on extended credit) model for fluency brand in India undertaken at Bard India. Through the presentation, Ms. Shilpa went on to explain the innovative model which has resulted in significant improvement in service levels, exceptional business growth, increased service value and helped in inventory management. The SECM model which is a business process change in lieu of consignment process was developed to ensure compliance with taxation rules. The interactive Q & A session that followed addressed queries about the impact of the model within the spheres of supply chain and distribution.


The meeting carried forward with a discussion and sharing of thoughts, to put together a plan of action by the committee during the year 2016.


Mr. Nikhil Kush closed the meeting by thanking the members present, with special gratitude to Ms. Shilpa for sharing her expertise on the novel an innovative supply chain best practice from Bard India.