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The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM – India) is an association of American business organizations operating in India. AMCHAM – India is accredited to the Chamber of Commerce of USA, Washington DC, U.S.A. (COCUSA). It is also a full member of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC).

Established in 1992, AMCHAM has around 500 members. Companies of US origin make up about 95 percent of membership, the remaining being individual or honorary members.
The incumbent U.S. Ambassador to India is the Honorary President of AMCHAM. AMCHAM enjoys a very close relationship with the US Embassy officials and receives tremendous support in fulfilling its objectives.

AMCHAM’s principle objective is to:

a) Promote activities that would encourage and stimulate investment by US companies in India
b) To support ongoing business operations of its members.
c) Encourage bilateral trade between India and USA.
d) AMCHAM fulfills these objectives in a variety of ways, such as:
a)Providing a forum on an organized basis in which American business organizations in India can
discuss and identify ommon issues and interests regarding their economic and commercial interests in India and / or the United States.
a)• Providing opportunities to members to represent and express their views and opinions, especially regarding trade, commerce, finance, services, industry, agriculture and related issues and to seek to understand and give effect to such opinions to the extent considered desirable and possible.

a)• Maintaining Sectoral Committees to implement the primary objectives of these committees

a)• Undertake advocacy on policies and procedures affecting AMCHAM members’ operations in specific sectors as well as affecting the growth of foreign direct investment in India.


a)The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM – India) is headquartered in New Delhi and has five Regional Chapters located at Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. The contact details of the Secretariat at New Delhi and the Regional Chapters are as follows:

National Secretariat

Executive Director
Mr. Ajay Singha
Email :

Deputy Executive Director
Ms. Madhvi Kataria
Email : madhvi.kataria@amchamindia.com

Program Coordinator
Ms. Valerie Swope
Email : valerie@amchamindia.com

Senior Manager & OSD
Mr. L.N. Agarwal
Email : laxmi@amchamindia.com

Membership & Admin Manager
Ms. Mamta Uppal
Email : mamta.uppal@amchamindia.com

Sector Manager – Medical Devices
Mr. Gaurav Mendiratta
Email : gaurav@amchamindia.com

Program Lead
Ms. Paridhi Goel Thakur
Email : paridhi@amchamindia.com

Program Director-ECP
Ms. Shivani Raina
Email : shivani@amchamindia.com

Program Manager – Aerospace & Defense
Ms. Udaya Arun
Email : udaya@amchamindia.com

Manager (Publications & Logistics)
Mr. Yeshi Dorjee
Email : yeshi.dorjee@amchamindia.com

Assistant Manager
Ms. Simmi Malhotra
Email : simmi@amchamindia.com

Regional Secretariat

Karnataka Chapter

Ms. Ines Miranda
Regional Director
American Chamber of Commerce in India
C/o PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd.
6th Floor, Tower D, The Millenia,
No. 1 & 2, Murphy Road,
Bangalore – 560008
Tel: 91-90080 24934
Email: amchambangalore@amchamindia.com

Tamil Nadu Chapter

Mr. Aubrey Daniels
a)Regional Director, Amcham India – Tamil Nadu Chapter
American Chamber of Commerce in India C/o PWC
Prestige Palladium Bayan – 8th Floor
129 – 140 Greames Road
Thousand Lights, Chennai 600006
Phone; 42103130, 42285052
Mobile: 98407 53430
Email: aubrey@amchamindia.com

Kolkata Chapter

Ms. Amada Kidwai
a)Regional Director – Eastern Chapter
American Chamber of Commerce
C/o Ernst & Young LLP
22 Camac Street
3rd Floor, Block “C”
Kolkata – 700016
Mobile: 91-9007996459/919674580491
Fax: 91+33-22827750
E-mail : amada@amchamindia.com


Hyderabad Chapter

Ms. Ruth Sandya Rodrigues
Regional Director
Hyderabad Chapter
C/O S&P Capital IQ
Kondapur, Hi-tech City
Hyderabad 500 081
Mobile: 9642103003
E-mail : sandya@amchamindia.com

Western Region

Ms. Surabhi Wahal
Regional Director – Western Region
American Chamber Of Commerce in India
Lodha Excelus, 1st Floor,
Apollo Mills Compound,
N. M. Joshi Marg,
Mumbai – 400 011
Mobile: 91-9619022368
E-mail: mumbai@amchamindia.com


List of Services offered to AMCHAM Members

Members have benefited from the various activities and programmes organized by AMCHAM. Key advantages are listed below:

Networking and Business Meetings

• Luncheon meetings are organized where a distinguished speaker presents his views on a topical and relevant subject.

• Breakfast and Lunch meetings are arranged with the visiting US officials and business delegations where members get an opportunity to express their views. These opinions may be further communicated to the officials of Indian / US Governments. This has proved to be an effective channel of reaching the authorities.

• Sectoral Committees hold meetings to discuss policies and procedures that concern members. Based on the inputs, AMCHAM prepares Position Papers and initiates a dialogue with the concerned authorities.

• AMCHAM organizes Business Round Tables, Briefings and Seminars either independently or in association with other Chambers.

• The Chamber facilitates meetings with US Embassy officials including the Ambassador, Counselors, etc

• An annual Christmas Ball is held to provide networking opportunities to members.

• Golf tournament is another social event organized by AMCHAM to facilitate networking between Government officials and the members.

Regional Linkage

AMCHAM India co-operates with AMCHAM’s in other countries, encouraging business links with neighboring countries. It also promotes links with bilateral chambers and participates in business delegations to these countries.

Access to Information

• AMCHAM conducts surveys on business and economic matters that are of interest to its members. Newsletters and Press releases on a number of subjects are posted on AMCHAM’s website www.amchamindia.com.

• AMCHAM publishes sector specific position papers. The sectors are chosen on the basis of policy changes, growth of the industry and the interest of the members.


a) Members’ Directory (Annual) which lists all AMCHAM members operating in India.

b) AMCHAM publishes industry specific policy and position papers.

In 2008 AMCHAM conducted the following two studies:

• Contribution by U.S. Technology Companies towards Education in India by Ernst & Young
• Requirements to Sustain Foreign Direct Investment in India by Booz & Co.

Amcham India Holiday list 2015




Amcham India takes in Interns at the Delhi office. A prospective Intern must have completed graduation and can apply at any point of their education for a minimum three month internship.

Students studying in the NCT region of Delhi will be given preference. Students from outside the NCT region need to make their own accommodation arrangements. Interns must be able to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Interns are unpaid, but will be given a Rs. 200/- per working day transportation stipend. If they are asked to travel in the city on an assignment all travel expenses will be reimbursed.

In addition to any routine work assigned an intern will be expected to do research and analysis work based on any one or more sectors relevant to Amcham and its activities.

Sectors likely to be considered for research are those comprising the sectoral committees. However any topic of relevance to Amcham and it’s activities may be assigned to the intern for any kind of research, analysis and compilation of information or database. Interns may be assigned work not necessarily India or USA specific and may be asked to spend part of their internship time with any other organization.

High level of fluency in spoken and written English is absolutely necessary to be considered for internship with Amcham.

A certificate signed by the Executive Director will be presented to the intern at the end of his/ her tenure.

Application for internship may be addressed to the Executive Director and sent to amcham@amchamindia.com and must be accompanied by :

Copy of Resume, a letter from the Head of Dept. (where the intern is presently enrolled) supporting the intern’s request for internship, proof of enrolment in an educational institution, recommendation by an Amcham member.