A Step by Step Walking Tour of the US Visa Processing System 6 June 2014, Mumbai

Amcham India in partnership with the US Consulate in Mumbai organised a US Visa Walking tour exclusive for Amcham members on 6 June 2014 in Mumbai.


The programme commenced with a networking opportunity over tea and refreshments.

Mr. Aaron M. Hellman, Visa Chief of the Consular Section warmly welcomed all the participants. Aaron shared some insightful figures on the number of Indians travelling to the US for business, education and personal travel.


He informed the participants of the MICE programme and apprised them of the state of the art infrastructure put in place to deal with the growing number of applications. This was followed by a presentation by Ms. Roya Ellis, NIV Chief, who spoke of the 3 myths surrounding obtaining of US visas vis a vis actual facts.


Participants were also informed of the 3 Easy Steps to Apply for a US Visa. This was followed by a guided tour led by Mr. Jesse Walter, Vice Consul, to the Visa Application Centre as well as the Consular section at the Consulate taking the participants through the entire process. The tour was followed by a Q&A session.