A session on Global Mobility – January 24, 2014, Hyderabad

A session on Global Mobility was organized at the Deloitte Campus on January 24, 2014.
Mr. Scott Flicker spoke on the following topics:
• Program compliance management and governance
• Cost Control and Cost management of Global Mobility
• Enchancing the value of the Global Mobility function
Global Mobility is subject to pressure from all side viz:

Pressures in Growth Markets, to reduce Cost, in Traditional markets
• Talent requirements to fuel growth opportunities in new and emerging markets
• Changing Employee attitudes toward mobility
• Compliance environment – Country combinations and regulatory intersections proliferation; Rapid regulatory changes; Detection and enforcement is becoming effective

He mentioned that Leading or world-class mobility requires focus on three objectives simultaneously, namely :
• Operational excellence to rapidly fill immediate needs
• Integrate with talent to support leadership development
• Formalize a mobility strategy to migrate capability to new markets

The meeting ended with a Questions & Answers session