Supply Chain & Logistics Committee Session on SC&L Best Practices Relating to COVID-19 Response


On 20th March, AMCHAM’s Supply Chain & Logistics Committee organized a session on ‘SC&L Best Practices Relating to COVID-19 Response’ via concall. The call began with brief opening remarks by Ms. Surabhi Wahal, Regional Director – Western Region, AMCHAM. Mr. Kumar Kandaswami, Chairman – Supply Chain & Logistics Committee, AMCHAM and Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, set the tone for the discussion through his welcome address. In the open discussion that followed, members shared best practices undertaken by their respective organizations amidst the growing business concerns owing to COVID-19. A few points of discussion included challenges that have arisen, measures taken for efficient supply chain planning, understanding risks, preparing mitigation strategies and backup plans to ensure business continuity. Ms. Wahal shared with members that AMCHAM was collating concerns on supply chain disruptions from COVID -19 to send to the U.S. Embassy. She encouraged members to send in their challenges and concerns asap for inclusion. The session concluded with Mr. Praveen Gosain, Co-Chairman – Supply Chain & Logistics Committee, AMCHAM and Director (Supply Chain India), Corning Technologies India, thanking members for sharing their ideas and best practices He encouraged members to leverage from the strength and knowledge of the SCL Committee and concluded on a hopeful note saying, ‘This too shall pass.’