HR Committee Best Practice Session


On 21st November 2018, the HR Committee best practice session was held at the IBM office in Bengaluru. Opening remarks were given by Mr. Chaitanya Sreenivas, Co-Chairman – HR Committee, AMCHAM and VP – HR (India/South Asia), IBM. Mr. Kingshuk Banerjee, Director, Global Delivery, Cognitive Computing, GBS, IBM, presented the first session on the ‘Use of AI in Analytics of HR.’ Mr. Banerjee explained the difference and similarities in AI and humans. He questioned the audience on how an AI system manages to think and learn like a human and thereafter, explained differences in the modes of learning for an AI system versus humans. He also shed some light on IBM’s question-answering computer system, Watson, which is capable of answering questions posed in natural language.


The second session focused on the ‘Future of HR’ presented by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, General Manager HR – India, Timken. Mr. Singh’s presentation explained Timken’s involvement in various sectors along with the number of employees gainfully engaged in each sector. He also presented specific examples of challenges faced by their HR department, being primarily in the manufacturing sector. He pointed out their especially high male employees versus the low female employee ratio.


After a short tea break, the third session was presented by Mr. Satish Jeyaraman, VP HR, Cognizant, on ‘Repurposing HR Towards the Future of Work – One Step at a Time.’ He explained that the whole paradigm of work is undergoing a change, with the skills required, work-home divide line, employment contracts, technology touch-points and employee demographics. The 5 focus areas for Cognizant include: redesign policies and processes to cater to the new workforce, use of technology as an ally to attenuate your effectiveness, tap in to the super power of data analytics, go beyond employee engagement to employee alignment, and retain the ‘human’ in the human resources function.


The last session was presented by Ms. Kavita Mathur, People & Culture Leader, GT, on ‘Building a Strong Culture in the Age of Technology.’ She focused on how organizations were increasingly leveraging technology for gaining a competitive edge, instant access to information, streamlining operating cost, improved quality, process tracking and effective data flow. However, there are Implications of technology too – social aspect would be primarily loss of human connect. To maintain a human interaction GT embarked the culture journey through their SuperCoach platform which fosters a culture of collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect, and responsibility. She further explained the aspects of the SuperCoach platform in detail. The meeting concluded with closing remarks by Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM, followed by feedback from members and a discussion on ways to improve the functioning of the HR Committee.