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Harmonization of Indian Healthcare Within the Global Ecosystem

AMCHAM’s white paper on the 4th Healthcare Conference titled Harmonization of Indian Healthcare within the Global Ecosystem, held on 16th September, 2016, in Hyderabad, evidenced keen interest in the key stakeholders of the larger community pan India…


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Happily Going Miles for Their Smiles: CSR Activities of U.S. Companies in India

An initiative of the CSR Committee, the AmCham CSR Compendium Happily Going Miles for Their Smiles showcases the CSR activities of U.S. companies in India. Each company’s commitment to India’s socio-economic progress is highlighted….

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U.S. – India: Addressing Key Challenges

This AmCham – Deloitte presentation was prepared in advance of the U.S. – India Strategic & Commercial Dialogue…

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Smart Cities: A Capability Deck of U.S. Companies in India

This Capability Deck will function as a rich resource base outlining the competitive and cutting edge technologies of U.S. expertise, products, services, know-how and solutions in the field of infrastructure, energy and smart city domains.

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Anti-Corruption Year in Review 2014

Published by the Amcham Anti-Corruption & FCPA Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Anand Dayal…

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Going Miles for Their Smiles

CSR Activities of US Companies in India (2014-2015) – A Compendium.

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Amcham ICRIER Report : Impact of American Investment in India

The rapid pace of growth of the Indian economy over the last decade has led to increased global interest in it. Foreign last decade has led to increased global interest in it. Foreign investors have been keen to be part of that remarkable growth, one of the consequences of which was an increase inflow of funds/investment into the country… Read More….

Amcham Deloitte report : Addressing Key Challenges U.S.-India Economic Engagement

The Indian market offers lucrative and diverse opportunities for the U.S. companies/investors with the right products and services, despite a slow economic growth. As the Indian economy further globalizes and expands, the country has requirements for equipment and services…Read More…