Benefits of Membership

Networking and Business Functions

• Participation in luncheon meetings where members  interact with each other and hear distinguished speakers and other people of prominence.

• Breakfast and Lunch meetings with visiting US Officials and Business Delegations where members may express their views for onward transmission by the delegation to the Government of India / U.S.A. officials. This has been a very effective means of communication.

• Participation in Sectoral Committees. These committees discuss issues on policies and procedures of concern relevant to the various industry sectors. Based on the inputs provided by the members, AMCHAM prepares Position Papers and initiates dialogue with the concerned authorities on all matters of concern and interest to the members.

• Participation in Business Round Tables, Briefings and Seminars on subjects of wide interest organized by AMCHAM, either independently or in association with other Chambers and organisations.

• Meeting with U.S Embassy officials including the Ambassador, Consular section, etc. who also attend AMCHAM meetings regularly.

• Participation in AMCHAM sponsored business delegations.

• Participation in AMCHAM supported Trade Fairs & Exhibitions in the country and overseas. 

Regional Linkage

• Business links with the neighboring countries through co-operation with other bilateral chambers and participation in business delegations to these countries. 


• AMCHAM conducts surveys on matters of concern and interest to its member companies. AMCHAM produces position papers and documents on special topics as and when required. These are available to Amcham Sectoral Committees members as well as other members on request. These are not public documents.

• AMCHAM also produces sectoral reports on as and when required basis.

• Library of Directories for reference.


The Chamber has two regular publications (free for its members)

• Members' Directory (Annual) - an up-to-date listing of all AMCHAM members operating in India. (This directory is sold to non-members).

• AMCHAM bi-monthly Newsletter – UPDATE, with a distribution of nearly 1, 000 world-wide.

The American Chamber Of Commerce In India Mission

• The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM) is an association of American business organizations operating in India and is accredited to the US Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C., USA. 

• The Chamber's principle objective is to promote activities that would encourage and stimulate investment by the US companies in India by : 

• Providing a forum on an organized basis in which American business organizations in India can discuss and identify common interests regarding their economic and commercial interests in India and / or the United States.

• Providing opportunities to the members to represent and express their views and opinions, especially regarding trade, commerce, finance, industry, agriculture and related issues and to seek to understand and give effect to such opinions to the extent considered desirable and possible. 

• Maintaining an influential and active Executive Committee and a range of Sectoral Committees to implement the primary objective.

• Established in 1992 and financed by annual membership fees, the Chamber has about 300 members. Companies of US origin make up about 95 per cent of membership, the remaining being Individual or Honorary members. 

• The Chamber enjoys a very close relationship with the US Embassy and receives tremendous support in fulfilling its objectives. 

• AMCHAM is linked with other American Chambers worldwide through its relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce and US-India Business Council in Washington, D.C.

Activities Of The Chamber's System Of Sectoral Committees

The Chamber's activities are undertaken through several Sectoral Committees, in addition to a separate Program committee. Through its contacts with the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C, American Chamber of Commerce in other countries, and US-India Business Council in Washington D.C., India - US Joint Business Council in New Delhi, US associated bilateral Chambers in India and neighboring countries, the Chamber can provide its members a useful source of information on issues relevant to members. A major source of information is the is the Chamber's system of Sectoral Committees.

The purpose of these Sectoral Committees is to: 

• Provide members with information about Government policies important to their business interests.

• Provide forums, meetings and seminars in which the issues of relevance are discussed.

• Submit the Chamber's memoranda to the concerned authorities and follow up on relevant issues affecting members' business. 

• Organize meetings to create networking opportunities for the member companies and build up a wide range of business and official contacts. 


Membership Categories

Members of AMCHAM are typically American companies operating in India and Indian / US nationals living in India, who could be of assistance in promoting the objectives of AMCHAM.

There are three categories of membership:

• Corporate Member
• Additional Member (from Corporate Member organizations) 
• Honorary Member

Membership Categories

Corporate Member

This membership is offered to American companies operating in India:

1. Either as a 100% subsidiary of a U.S. Company

2. Or as a Branch Office (with Reserve Bank of India approval)

3. Or as a Liaison Office (with Reserve Bank of India approval)

4. Or as a majority equity holder in a joint venture

5. Or as an equal partner in a joint venture but the management control being with the U.S. Company.

6. Or as a minority equity holder where an investment cap on that particular sector is imposed by the Government of India and the US Company has invested to the maximum extent permissible under the cap. Proof of management control being with the US Company is required to be submitted by the company and approved by the Executive Board.

Additional Member

Corporate members can have additional membership from the same organization either at the same Chapter or at any other Chapter of AMCHAM. These members do not have any voting rights at any AMCHAM meetings.

Honorary Member

Honorary Members are individuals and/or entities so appointed solely by invitation by AMCHAM’s National Executive Board at its sole discretion. These members do not pay membership subscription and do not vote at AMCHAM meetings.

AMCHAM Chapters

AMCHAM has its main base of operations at Delhi and has five Regional Chapters at Bangalore in Karnataka, Chennai (Madras) in Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Kolkata (West Bengal) and Mumbai (Bombay) in Maharashtra.

Membership Subscription

If you are interested in becoming a member of AMCHAM, please fill in the Application Form and send it to the Executive Director of AMCHAM for processing it through the membership committee which examines all membership applications and decides on admission of all new members. The annual (calender year) membership subscription is as follows:

Membership Amount Service Tax 12.36% Total
Corporate INR 70,000/- Rs. 8,652 INR 78,652
Additional INR 35,000/- Rs. 4,326 INR 39,326

Members joining after June 30 in any year, pay only half the amount for that year.


For Membership details please contact:

Mamta Uppal
Membership & Admin. Manager
American Chamber of Commerce in India | New Delhi|
Tel : +91-11-2652 5201/02
Mob: +91-8130731117
Fax: +91-11-2652 5203
E-mail :

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