Amcham-Advamed Initiative

Advanced Medical Technology Association (Advamed) with American Chamber of Commerce advocate for a legal, regulatory and economic environment that advances best health care practices by assuring Indian patient access to the benefits of medical technology. Together they promote policies that foster the highest ethical standards, rapid product approvals access to best medical technology.

Amcham-Advamed initiative will foster development of Medical technology industry in India.


In India, medical healthcare is like two faced coin; on one side we have ‘best healthcare facilities’ available in Metros and big cities and on other side the rural population grappling with inadequate primary care. There is a need to improve existing infrastructure and mechanism for healthcare delivery in rural areas. Government and industry stake holders need to coordinate their efforts to improve Healthcare availability.

Better diagnostic and treatment can only be ensured with use of best available technology. Major restraint for Medical Devices industry is the lack of unambiguous regulatory framework.

Amcham-Advamed initiative is working towards enabling an unambiguous regulatory framework in India.


This initiative aims at providing the US companies a platform to engage in dialogues with Indian government.


Amcham has a Medical Devices and Equipment subcommittee which includes members from Advamed.

The Committee is Chaired by Mr. Manoj Gopalakrishna, Managing Director, Becton Dickinson India.

The co-chairman of the committee is Mr. Gautam Khanna, Executive Director, Health Care Business, 3M India Limited

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